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11/6/12 9:19 A

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I'm not a big fan of teens without a costume either. I'm ok with teens that show some effort. We aren't like most houses though, my husband makes the kids do a little trick to earn their treat. Usually he asks them to hop on one foot unless they are very little. The parents always enjoy it since we're kind to the kids, and we hand out good candy. In the past we've even had high school aged kids volunteer to sing and do cartwheels in the yard. This year we had only one group of under-costumed teens come by. We agreed to give them candy, but their trick was more complex: they had to hop on one foot, but do it Gangnam Style. They loved it! Kids dancing Gangnam Style on our porch for a Reeses, it was great.

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11/4/12 2:54 P

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My son is 11 and wasn't going to go out this year but changed his mind at the last minute. My biggest pet peeve is kids who come to my door not dressed up. I don't mind older trick or treaters as long as the are dressed up. (School uniforms don't count especially around here where the uniform is khaki pants with a polo shirt in the school's colors.) My husband told a neighbor kid not to even bother coming to our house since he wasn't in a costume.

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11/1/12 10:54 P

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I'm a little late to this party, but anyway!

I had high school, junior high and little kids all the way down to babies in stroller in costume trick or treating (the babies, of course, were a front for the parents, LOL). There was even a family with their grandparents dressed up in capes asking for candy! I think because it's close to the Day of the Dead, sometimes there's more variety in ages around here.

I stayed home and gave out candy while my 16 year old and her boyfriend took my 11 year old out and trick-or-treated. After my husband got home, relaxed, and ate, he took them out again for a second round! (minus the boyfriend, who went home at 8pm)

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10/31/12 6:58 P

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13 and 15 teens. My 13 year old wants to go trick or treating. I did tell her she can help pass out candies to the little kids and go around our block. She really wants to go! She dressed up in costume at her middle school as well.

I want to stay away from the candy!!! I did buy the candies I like and that was a mistake. I was about to open the bag of candy, but I read that article on SP and I decided I will open the bag after dark when the little kids are out and keep my distance from the candy!

I'm glad I have support today!

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10/31/12 4:25 P

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12 & 13 are to old? Not in my house.

I'll be passing out candy in full costume with the wife running around scaring the teenagers. My 15 & 16 yoa will be out with their friends trick or treating.

Halloween is a big thing around our place and we love every minute of it.

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10/29/12 5:34 A

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I'll be working to. In full costume of course and passing out candy to the kids that come in the store

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10/29/12 2:57 A

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Working. The more of my friends posts that I see on Facebook of them in ridiculous costumes and being sloppy drunk makes me all the happier I'm working.

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10/23/12 6:06 P

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I absolutely ADORE Halloween!!! It's the 1 time where you can be anyone or anyTHING you want to be. I dress up and get in full character. Lol. I'm going to host a party here at my house. My latest blog was about some healthy snacks I'm going to incorporate this year.

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10/23/12 5:50 P

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What are your Halloween plans this year....I'm probably going to do movies and study no plans on going out for me....My kids want to go trick or treating but I told them no I think they are to old now...they are 13&14...what do you think....what about you

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