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9/19/13 5:36 P

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Track the types of tantrums- figure out poss reasons to the tantrums
Have a go to method: when you are. About to blow... Take Three big breaths in and out. Change your task... Use music! Or sing your fav song, or go for a walk with the kids. Finally charts with reward stickers. Hope this helps.

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9/18/13 2:46 P

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I was a Kdg. teacher before I started staying home with the kids and it always helped me to remember that they aren't doing whatever annoying thing they are doing to be bad or to make you mad. They may want attention or their emotions are just too much for them. But sometimes I have to put them in their room (or a safe place) and walk away for 10 minutes.


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9/14/13 6:25 P

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What helped me with tantrums was reading "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" It really helped me understand why toddlers have tantrums and how to respond to them. Other than that, just breath, take times out for yourself and have them get it together in their rooms!! Good luck...they will try you, but you are stronger!!

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9/14/13 6:24 P

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I really wish I knew the answer to this. I only have one 2 1/2 year old right now and expecting my second. And she's been driving me absolutely bonkers. She's tried me way past my patience level and I'm home alone with her most of the week. She won't let me use the bathroom by myself or take a shower. I can't imagine what I'm going to do when there's 2 of them. Best I can say is try to find something that the 3 of you can do together and enjoy. I took my daughter to the library today, and it was the best she's been for me in forever. Maybe they just need something to bond with you over, especially after being apart must of the week. Could be they're just hungry for attention and that's why they're trying your patience so much.


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9/14/13 2:39 P

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My twins are 3 1/ patience is so thin, I find myself losing it all the time. Their tantrums send me to the moon, they are not getting enough sleep, and I feel like they never listen to me. Every morning I wake up and ask for more patience, hoping that if I can be calm, they will be. But every weekend is the same. I work all week, they go to preschool all week, we have a steady routine, and all I want is Saturday to come. Then it's here, and I just want one day of no yelling, no fighting, no tantrums. It never happens. I'm crying at the computer right now after another lousy morning.

How do you stay patient? Any tips would be appreciated.

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