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11/20/14 8:45 A

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Ha. Actually it feels like 3 is almost late anymore! Almost everyone I know with kids ranging 2-4ish have them in preschool. My daughter is almost 3.5 and we did not put her in this year. She is ready, but the sole reason we chose to forego was because of our schedules. My husband is back in school and we often have various sitters throughout the day. It'd be a LOT of transitioning carseats and others driving her to school. She'll be 4 when she starts. Turns 4 in July and will start next September. She's BRIGHT though, so I'm not worried about waiting at all. She's learning very well at home.

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11/19/14 10:37 A

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My DD will be starting a 3 year old program next fall. She is already three but because of her late birthday (October 31) she missed the cut off age. She was pretty well potty trained and has been for about 4 months, but all of a sudden she is getting lazy and not wanting to leave her toys to go potty. We're going back to basics and I am reminding her to go potty again. She has to be fully potty trained by next fall. Hopefully we can get over the set-back.

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10/1/13 9:12 A

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Mine started a few weeks ago. She has been in daycare but it seems like the preschool room is more organized and school like. I was freaking out about it but she loves it and is learning a ton.

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9/20/13 11:29 A

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We didn't start my son in Preschool until he was 4, but he was at daycare so he was still in a school-like environment.



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8/26/13 9:40 P

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My daughter will be starting a week after her 6 yr old brother, she is 3 going on 4 and she a social butterfly, so I have a feeling she will be just fine..My son on the other hand is a little bit more challenging as he is not very fond of school or being social,,lol,,I will be biting my nails til he gets to 2nd grade and then I will do it all over again..I might just cry @ her orientation nevermind when I drop her off her 2nd day,,My babies are growing so fast and blossoming right before my eyes,,

Good Luck Mommies with you Babies,,


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8/26/13 10:29 A

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My son just turned 2 this month and his first day of "pre-school" was today. It's a full-day daycare, but they follow a state curriculum so it's kind of both. He was very excited to pick out a backpack and meet new friends, and was only a little nervous when we got there. I was different story, though! He looked so big standing at our front door with his Elmo backpack, but when we got to the center he looked TINY sitting in the cafeteria with all the other kids eating breakfast. I held it together until I got back in my car, and then bawled the whole way to work. Hope you're all holding up okay!

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8/22/13 5:07 A

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I remember all this from last year when my then 3 year old daughter went to pre school for the first time. She was totally excited and remains so with the school. I think a major role played the school that gave us clear directions how to prepare her from May till August so she knew what to expect. They even invited us to special 'play dates' in the school with the older kids so she would familiarize herself with the environment. I would stay in a waiting area while she played with the kids inside and participate in their activities. I think this made her really want to be part of the team and also made her look forward to the day where she would actually belong there and not be a guest.
I enrolled my second daughter they day of her second birthday. I just couldn't keep her home with the sister talking all day about the exciting stuff they did at school. This one was even easier. She has been waiting with us at the bus stop all winter long so when it was finally time for her to board the bus there was nothing stopping her. She didn't even look back.
I think trying to create excitement about school really was the key for us.

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8/21/13 7:06 P

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We started our son in preschool the January after he turned 3 (he's an October birthday, so he didn't make the age cutoff to enroll in the fall, but the school we send him to let him enroll for the second semester). We were really more interested in getting him some experience socializing with other kids his age, since he's an only child and doesn't go to daycare. He only went to school 2 mornings a week when he was 3, and the academics in the 3 yo class mostly focused on colors and shapes, which he already knew.

Because he had some experience in the 3 yo preschool class, we enrolled him in the next level (3 mornings a week) last year. Since some of the kids were getting ready to go to kindergarten the following year, there were more academics (especially focusing on letters), which was good for him. He'll be starting pre-K in a couple of weeks, where he'll go 5 afternoons a week.

I'm glad we started him early, so that we could ease our way into going to school 5 days a week, so that he'll be ready for full day kindergarten next year. I think that going straight from being home all day to pre-K 5 afternoons a week would have been a big transition, but by having a year and a half of preschool experience, he's really looking forward to going back to school.

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8/20/13 7:15 P

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I wish I could afford preschool! I got the school info in the mail last week and it's $10k/year for the school that will take her at her age. All the other local ones won't take her for at least another year. Winter babies suck when it comes to school enrollment.


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8/20/13 4:06 P

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I don't know if it's a question of "should" she know how, like I said my son has been in a school-type environment for a couple of years now. He can only recognize the "Alex" portion of his full name, but it's a start.

My daughter was 3 and a half before she started pooping on the potty regularly. I acutally found that when I let her run around the house with nothing on her bottom, she recognized the cues to go. My son picked up on it a little quicker and was fully trained by the time he was 3. He has been having a pee accident every once in a while, which is new, but I think it's because he's so involved in whatever he's doing he tries to wait until the VERY LAST MINUTE before he tries to go to the bathroom


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8/20/13 3:31 P

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My daughter will be turning 4 at the very end of December, so I guess she won't start Pre-K until next year...But we are having a difficult time getting her to potty train. She knows how to go pee-pee but she absolutely REFUSES to go poopy on the potty...Not sure why!!! and there are days she does not want to wear panties....I guess I just have to be firm with her, take pull-ups away (except for bed time) and make her wear her panties. Ugh, it's so difficult though since I work all week and she is at the sitters...guess I have to get the sitter on the same path as me.

And she doesn't know her ABC's or 123's (but she does know two languages) so her pediatrician said she will be a little behind due to her learning on two languages. Should she know how to spell her name at 3 years old?


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8/20/13 1:11 P

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My son started preschool a couple of weeks ago. I guess it's a bit different because he has been in that environment for a couple of years. He already knows how to spell his name and I'm very excited for all of the new things he's going to learn!


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8/20/13 3:49 A

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so in about a week and half my almost 3 year old will be starting preschool. im having some anxiety over it but trying to make sure he is super excited for school. is anyone else starting their lil one in preschool on the early side of the scale

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