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4/14/10 6:02 P

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If u can determine whether it's actual readiness or just some behavioral issues, that would be the main factor to me. Behavior can change dramatically over such a short period of time at this young age.

My son is 4 and I began him in group piano lessons (he turned 4 in July and piano began in Sept so he was a young 4). Compared to the 4 1/2 yr old and the 5 yr olds in the class, it was apparent how much younger he was simply by his behavior. He was distracted, unfocused, shy, bored, lacked confidence,no eye contact, etc. It was a constant battle to have him practice even twice/wk. He liked going and even absorbed what he was being taught- which was amazing for someone who seemed to be on another planet. When classes resumed after Christmas break, it was like someone flipped the light switch. He was placed in a class with children a lttle closer in age but was still one of the youngest. Regardless of that fact, he was a different child; focused, more confidence, interested, actively partcipated, good behavior, practicing without issue, etc. He is now one of the best if not the best in the class. The instructor cannot say enough about how wonderfully he is doing and CANNOT BELIEVE THE CHANGE!

So though ur child might have some behavioral or maturity issues now, doesn't necessarily mean that she will not be ready when the time comes. But make sure u remain true to yourself and your child. In today's society we have a tendency to push our children full steam ahead... I catch myself doing it particularly with sports. Step outside yourself and make sure you know what your child is capable of handling and being happy. Keep in mind, Kindergarten isn't going anywhere... Good luck with ur decision!

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4/2/10 4:10 P

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Everyone here is right that you do know your child best. That said, I have many teacher friends, and they frequently recommend putting kids in kindergarten later. This can actually give your child an advantage throughout school. When they get into higher grades they are often more mature and sometimes bigger physically which can make those awkward middle/junior high school years a little easier.

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3/16/10 9:56 P

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You are her parent, and you know her best. Go with what you feel will be best for her. I had the opposite situation with our schools last year. My daughter is developmentally delayed and always has been. But the schools wanted to keep pushing her along. We had her tested by a professional and they confirmed what we already knew, that my daughter was not capable of doing the work. So we decided to hold her back in second grade, and the school DID NOT like it!! We fought hard and had to get nasty, but ultimately it was our decision. And as the professional explained to us: expecting her to do third grade work is like expecting a newborn to walk. She really just wasn't ready. So do what YOU feel is right for her.

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3/15/10 11:20 A

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I had the same situation with my daughter. She was bright and the teacher even said she was ready for Kindergarten, but she didn't think she could handle a bigger school and class room. We ended up putting her in another year of Pre-school (3rd year) and I can tell you this that I am happy that we did. We found that there was something she has trouble learning and now are getting help for it. When we made that decision Skye wasn't to happy that she couldn't go to Kindergarten but it was what was best for her. I hope you figure out what you want to do. Good luck.

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3/15/10 12:24 A

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When my oldest started Kindergarten the principal came up to me and told me that he wasn't socially ready for kindergarten because he wanted to play and was disruptive in class. I told him he was wrong and we switched schools. Even though he is only in 1st grade now his attitude has changed a lot and he is still one of the brightest in his class. Stick to your guns and just reminder how her behavior has to change when she gets to go to the big girl school she has to act like a big girl. The rest will come as she figures out the routines. also She is still a child. Sometimes others expect to much but we need to learn not to expect too little too.

Mom to 2 boys and 1 girl.

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3/14/10 10:09 P

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You know your child better than anyone else. Go with your own instincts. My son was always in trouble in pre-k but he is very bright. One thing I learned is that he thrives in structure. He goes crazy in chaos. He is in second grade now and he still gets in trouble but he is a A student.

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3/14/10 8:45 P

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First - This is your decision - so if you feel there are more benefits to moving forward then go for it. Some of her behaviors may be because she needs new challenges.

Second - Kids in kindergarten don't have perfect behavior. They are still learning the rules and how to control themsleves. A few behaviors doesn't mean she is not ready.

Third - Do these behaviors occur across all settings? School and home? There are oftne clues there as to what is a child issue vs. environment issue.

Last - Focus on rewarding good behaviors. When she has a good day at school, talk about that and how proud you are of her.

Good luck!

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3/14/10 5:35 P

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I am in need of some help & advice.

We just had conferences for my 4 yr old who is in preschool. Her teacher stated she thinks my dd should repeat preschool again next yr because of behavioral issues. My dd is very bright (even the teacher remarked how bright she is), but she is having problems listening to the teachers & being able to control or calm herself down.

I'm having a hard time with the idea of sending her to preschool again. She went to 2 days a week preschool last year for 3 yr olds & this yr she is attending the 4 days a week 4 yr olds preschool (the most amount of days available to send her). I don't see her moving forward by sending her to the same preschool again. I think she is already bored to some extent and I'm worried it will be worse next year. Plus she has a group of 5-6 friends that she has been going to ECFE & preschool classes with since she was 1 yr old and I really don't want to separate them if I can help it.

When I told her what the teacher had said she was very sad that she might not get to go to Kindergarten next year. She is looking forward to going to a new school (preschool has its own building a couple blocks away from the school) and riding the bus.

I guess I am looking for some advise from other parents (and/or teachers) on how to get her behavior better in check so she can prove to her preschool teacher that she does belong in Kindergarten.

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