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1/21/13 9:53 A

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There are options out there, and yes those baby corrals are kind of expensive. Look around for a used baby item store.... Ask them if they have a baby corral. These take up space tho... Setting up a large circle rather than blocking a doorway. They are adjustable so maybe you can make it work for the doorways. ?
If no secong hand store call a local church, they can be a great resource as well.
Good luck

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1/16/13 8:38 P

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We have wide openings and gates weren't really an option for us. We did use one at the bottom of the stairs and when our oldest was in a bed instead of a crib we used one on his door(funny we never used it for kid #2). Now #3 is crawling and I'd rather she stay in the living room, but the boys had free reign. The biggest problem with her is little pieces b/c EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. We had played a game of trouble as a family and it got left on the floor while we ate dinner. She was in her jumperoo but after I put her in the living room and I heard the pop noise for the game. I went in and looked at the board. All the pieces were there except for one of the green ones. Yep, it was in her mouth. Okay, there weren't any solutions for you in what I said but I can relate to your issue. We have the jumperoo, a swing and a walker. Maybe if you need to keep them contained for a short period of time you put one kid in each thing and rotate them each time. I liked the idea of the homemade gate. It would never work in our house w/the way my boys are. Pepper can be pretty rough at times too. There are some days I wish you could find a playpen(like the ones when I was a kid) for her. I'd say I hope they're walking soon, but you probably don't want that just yet either.

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1/16/13 2:55 P

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The "extra-wide" baby gates are CRAZY expensive! We definitely couldn't justify the cost fo the short period we need it, so we tried to figure out an alternative. It is hugely inconvenient, but we actually moved our couch in the way of one opening to our living room. That left only one other opening and it was a pain to go all the way around, but it did help for a little while. Then my monkey learned how to climb OVER the couch, so we moved it back! We kind of resigned to giving him free reign over the main floor, with a gate at the bottom of the steps and another to the laundry room (where the litter box is for the cat). Other than that, he runs free! A play yard really might help you though, and I don't think they're that expensive, either. Hope this helps!

P.S. As another posted, you are seriously Super-mom. Do you wear a cape???

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1/16/13 12:03 A

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We made our own baby gate. We went to Menards/Lowes and bought two wooden closet poles. The guys at the store cut them to the length we needed. We bought two sets of hardware so we could hang the poles on the wall at ankle and mid thigh heights. We also bought a fun print fabric. I turned the long sides over enough to be able to make a hole/tube with the fabric that would accommodate the width of the poles. We slipped the poles into the fabric and hung the poles on the wall. Best gate ever. We easily stepped over it. Total cost $20. We loved this gate. Our first child loved to look at the fun print and the gate was sturdy enough to where she could pull herself up using the pole. The gates we saw on-line were at least $100 but had poor reviews and looked as if they would break when any bit of weight is applied, which was also one of the repeated issues with super long gates.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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9/21/12 9:01 A

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look into the Summer Infant Sure and Secure Custom Fit gate for one option. Keep doors closed to limit their range when possible and keep one area that is completely babyproofed for them to roam in. In our case, we have the hallway, our son's bedroom, and the living room set up for minimal supervision, and keep the kitchen/dining room gated off (one pressure gate for the narrow doorway and the gate I mentioned above for the 6 foot wide opening) and bedroom/bathroom doors closed for the rest of the house.

Another option is a play yard (not the same as a play pen) and herd the other 2 in there before turning your attention to the 3rd

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9/21/12 8:06 A

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Yeah bigger bulkier items to help blocking off. Make sure the have room to explore to but somewhere safe. that might make them a little less determined to wander off cause they wont be so bored. Or try setting the other two in a walker or play pen while you change the other one. Thats all i have for ideas i hope it helps. 3 10month old boys. WOW. i have 1 9month old girl. Your like super mommy lol. Good Luck

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9/20/12 10:26 A

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We used to use our Pack N Play to block off some areas.



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9/20/12 10:19 A

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Does anyone have any advice for keeping a baby contained to a limited area? I'm thinking I probably need more baby gates but my house is really open and most of the "door way" room openings are 5 feet wide or more so I'm having trouble gating it off with standard size gates. My 3 boys are 10 months old now and love running away and hiding or escaping. If I'm holding or changing one baby, the other two will see an opportunity and make a run for it if they can. I try to distract them with toys or by singing or talking to them but it doesn't always work. Help! Any suggestions?

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