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I like this post.
and the info shared.

what lies before us
what lies behind us
are small matters compared to what lies within us

Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgement.
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9/16/08 12:35 A

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I read this article tonight and thought it was good enough to share......:

By Debbie Rocker on

There are a few things that you can do besides eating well and exercising that will expedite your physical transformation:

Believe that transformation is possible even when you havenít seen the changes that you want yet. I am sure that you can site many examples in your life where you didnít expect something to happen and then whoa, there it was. If you donít have enough evidence of your own, look around you. Do you know someone who thought theyíd never get the job, meet that special person, or lose the weight, and then they did? Havenít you read amazing stories about people overcoming obstacles and creating tremendous transformation in their lives, many against great odds? These are just people too, like you and me; anyone can overcome.

There is one thing that you can be sure of in life, and that is change. Make sure yours happens quickly, and in the way you want, by staying positive and then taking the steps that you know you should take.

If you think about your end results, the work becomes overwhelming. Just do what you know you can do today, and when tomorrow becomes today, youíll deal with that.

Donít expect too much too soon, youíll only get discouraged. Aiming high is nice to say but truly it is easier to stay positive if you set your sites on realistic, smaller goals.

Remove distractions like foods that you donít want to eat and people who have habits that you are trying to break. Surround yourself with people and materials that mirror the changes that you want for yourself. Hang out with happy, healthy people, read inspiring books, and listen to some great music that motivates you to get moving and take action.

There are always excuses; I am sure you have heard, or used, them all. When your desire to change becomes greater than your fear of changing, the excuses will go away -- nothing will stop you from becoming the new you. Even though you may not be able to change the underlying reasons why you havenít yet accomplished your goals, you can start by removing some of the actions and thought processes that encourage you to stay stuck. Enough with the excuses!
Me again. I thought this was some good stuff. Ok, number 4 sounded kind of harsh.... 'eliminating people who have habits that you are trying to break.' We all either know of or had friends or family in our life who KNOW we are trying to change yet hand us that BIG slice of cake or super sized bag of M n M's and say, 'oh, just a little this time won't hurt' right? Well, what if this person is our Mom or husband? We can't eliminate them from our lives right?!

So what are we to do? My belief is this, it all boils down to a DECISION. The DECISION to say, Thank You, But No Thank You. And then to actually follow through with that decision and statement and NOT eat it (unless it is something we have already worked into our eating plan for the day). It is so NOT about will power. If we allow ourselves to believe it IS about will power, then we have pushed ourselves into yet another excuse that keeps us from truly changing.

Do we really want to change? I know I do. Time after time I set myself up by saying I wanted this or that and then did the same thing as usual and stayed status quo. Every summer and New Year I grew more and more disgusted with myself for NOT truly changing.

Those steps listed above, pretty much sums up what I accomplished, some days better than others. It's a journey and one I would not trade in for the world. I'm still on my journey. I haven't arrived at my final destination and I think the day I do, it will be when I draw my last breath.

A good marriage takes work. A degree from college takes work. A healthy body and life takes work. But Mom, age 71, has taught me that laughter and enjoyment is a MUST for the journey. I've seen her enjoy her food. I hear her talk about it everyday. She just eats less of it. She has lost over 60 pounds over 4+ years by eating less and walking 10-12 minutes a day. Period. And it all started with a decision and basically, the steps listed above.

I truly hope to see each of us continue forward, one day at a time, and celebrate our successes. No matter how young or old we are, it is entirely possible. Believe and achieve!

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.'
Confucius 551-479 BC

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