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3/19/08 4:25 P

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Have any of you tried the Clif Luna Sport Recovery Smoothies? I am absolutely addicted to them right now. I mix mine with milk for the extra calcium and protein. Have any of you used it yet?

On the run, I love vanilla bean Gu. I can tolerate that flavor quite well.

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10/14/07 8:34 P

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Yes, I've definitely noticed the difference.

There is actually a huge debate about whether you actually need protein in the drink, or just carbs - because there hasn't been a study done yet where athletes consume an all-carb beverage with equal numbers of calories as a protein/carb combo (hmm - a research project for next summer?)

Drinks are actually better than food, because 1) you also replace your fluids, and 2) because the liquids are more easily and rapidly metabolized by your body. Solid foods take 30-60 minutes to peak your blood glucose, where a liquid beverage can do it in under 15 minutes. Your muscle soak up glucose most quickly in the 15-45 minutes (depending on who you ask) after exercise. An 8% carb solution is actually metabolized faster than just about anything else, because your stomach empties it fastest. Eating solid food with the beverage hinders emptying.

That said, even knowing that carb solutions are probably the actual ideal, my favorite recovery beverage is reduced-fat chocolate milk, and I'll drink it until they pry it out of my cold, dead hands.

Sources: Advanced Sports Nutrition by Dan Bernadot, my Biochemistry class and textbook, and, for the carb vs. carb/protein debate, a Runner's World article (that I'm not going to go searching for now), for the chocolate milk, a highly touted study (yes, sponsored by the American Dairy Association), that I really need to actually take a look at instead of reading articles about it.

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10/10/07 1:02 P

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Food is enough -- and tastes better. Recovery drinks are good if you don't have time to pack something else. It is best to eat soon after long runs (10+ miles). Pack something with protein. Eat something even though you are not hungry -- it doesn't have to be a full meal.

Feeding your body after long runs will improve your recover time. If you're not feeling exhausted after a run, you probably don't need to worry about recovery food yet. Your body knows!

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10/10/07 11:41 A

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I don't use a drink. I use food - lean turkey on a piece of rye toast with a tomato and fresh spinach. I also drink a small glass of non fat milk. This was recommended by the nutritionist that works with our TNT group. I also ice my legs after our long runs to help with recovery. I have had minimal recovery issues. There was only one rough recovery day, but that was after an 18 mile long run and I ran when I had a stomach flu.

Our nutritionist really discouraged the use of gatorade/powerade type drinks because of the contents. I do think that is a personal choice, but so far I have opted not to use them. I know they cause stomach distress for quite a few people.

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10/10/07 10:49 A

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I'm also an Accelerade user. I don't really care for Accelerade's recovery drink (Endurox) so I just use Accelerade -- maybe 4-8 oz. depending on how hard my run was.

Food is also good for recovery. I had a running trainer tell me once that a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread is almost a perfect recovery food.

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10/10/07 9:02 A

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I'm also a fan of Accelerade...I drink it b/c of the protein. While the difference that I've noticed is small, I have found that it helps with workouts and with recovery, the most notable change with recovery is that I now have very few of those evenings where I'm totally and completely drained.

Where I've seen a HUGE difference is with my immune system. At the peak of my training last spring/summer I was getting lots of colds and upper respiratory infections. After doing some reading I learned that protein during and just after strenuous workouts would help protect the immune system. That's when I started with Accelerade. Since I have not had as much as the sniffles.

Regarding gels...I like the Hammer Strength gels but I use them sparingly during training but always use them before a race.

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10/10/07 1:21 A

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Thank you to everyone that responded to my post on gels/jelly beans/drinks.

I went to our local running store where Team in Training members get 10% off and I also have the VIP 10% discount. The salesperson rec'd Accelerade and also said she likes Clif Blocks. I bought a pack of the blocks and she rec'd that I start out by eating just one before an hour-long workout (30 minute weights and 30 minutes of running).

I took one block before my workout and maybe it was just mental, but I felt pretty good (I also always have a piece of sourdough wheat toast with some butter before workouts).

I saw that some of you rec'd recovery drinks for after a run. Have you noticed a difference between not having a recovery drink versus taking a recovery drink? What are the real benefits? Is Gatorade/Powerade good enough? I'm wondering if just eating within an hour of a run is good enough?

Also, at what point does a recovery drink become pretty essential? If not Gatorade/Powerade, which do you recommend?

I apologize in advance for such a loaded post, but one of my main priorities is avoiding injury during the training process and I've seen some really fantastic feedback here. Thanks in advance!


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