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You can do this Kaye! I know it's hard, but it's worth it! Your worth it! That is what you need to realize!!

We are all going to have birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving, Mother's Day, forth of July, and other holiday and days where we are going to be tempted and tested. It's up to us to not let others influence our overall health, our overall well being. It's up to us to take control, stop the cycle from repeating over and over again, and say.... enough! I'm in control of my life, and I'm going to do what is best for me! I deserve it! People are going to tempt us, but if we stand up for ourselves they will stop, they will see it's important to us, and respect us. If they don't, then that is their problem, and stay away from those who don't support you or respect you. Period!

I'm a carb addict, I'm a sugarholic! This has been the hardest thing so far in my life, but I'm doing it for me, I'm realizing I can make all the excuses in the world forever and never change, or I can say enough is enough, I'm taking control and loving me, taking care of me, being kind to me, pampering me in the most healthiest ways! It's been a long journey to get where I was before, and it's taken me a long journey to get where I am at now, and I wouldn't trade this new journey for anything! I realized that I'm a lot tougher/stronger than I ever thought I was, and I realized I really am worth all this hard effort, and I'm doing it for me, for my dh, for my kids, for a better, healthier, happier life!!!!!

You can do it! No more cheating, no more excuses, no more feeling sorry or not enough! You are enough, you have it in you, you are stronger than you think, so prove yourself wrong, prove everyone wrong and just DO IT!!!!!

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I've really struggled with this as well. It seems like there's always something. I was really good on plan until my wedding, and since then I've had good months and bad months and I'm still pretty much at the same place, about 18 months later.

What I've been telling myself lately is "this will happen again." It's sort of the "this too will pass" mentality of nothing is permanent, but from the other side. My family gets together for birthdays, holidays, bbqs pretty consistently and there's always lots of food, lots of treats, lots of carbs, and my personal demon, lots of alcohol. For a long time I took those days "off" because "it's a special occasion! Christmas! Mom's birthday, Dad's birthday, Grandma's birthday, etc..." so this is my new secret, Mom's birthday will happen again next year. So will Christmas. Dad's birthday, etc... If I want to indulge at that point, when I'm at goal, that's a decision I can make at that time. But continuing to indulge before I get to goal just keeps me from ever getting there.

When it comes to the hunger issue? I agree with Suzy, "trick" yourself into believing that these hunger pangs is the fat being consumed by your system. I put trick in quotes, because it's not a trick! That is what's happening. I always think "this is my stomach shrinking and if I just ignore it, my stomach will be so small I will be able to wear my bikini again!"

It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life, and I know when I'm really busy it's easier for me to fall off plan as well. The best thing I've found for that is planning ahead. I used to hate (well, still do, but it's good for me) putting my food for the day into my tracker before I ate it. But I realize that the reason I hate it is "what if's" What if I decide to eat something else? What if I cheat. What if something comes up. What if's are the death knell of staying on plan!

So today, I decided to have a caramel crunch bar for "breakfast" then around 11 I'll have a RTD chocolate shake, around 1:30 or 2 I'll have chicken noodle soup, around 4-4:30 I'll have BBQ bites, then tonight is chicken and salad for me, chicken, salad, and potato salad for my husband. For dessert I'm undecided, but I'll deal with that when I get home for dinner. I packed up everything I'm going to eat today, put the chicken noodle soup in a tupperware to start re-hydrating, an there is nothing else available to me unless I go buy something. That's not going to happen. I tracked meals 1-4 already, and I know meal 5 will have 12-14 carbs, so I have about 15 for dinner (salad and bbq sauce).

Things might still change, I'm not completely rigid, but my day is set and now I don't even have to think about it. I have phone alerts set to remind me to eat meals 2 and 4 which I always have trouble with, and now I can focus on work. Tonight, I'll plan my meals for tomorrow.

Finally, when you reach for that off plan choice, think about how you'll feel about it tomorrow. Picture it being tomorrow, standing on the scale. Do you want the scale to be up or down? Tomorrow are you even going to remember making this off plan choice? Once you swallow, that moment when it's too late, are you going to be glad you ate it or sorry that you've once again harmed all your previous hard work?


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Lets get this done.

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5/12/15 12:17 P

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The first 4-5 days were the absolute hardest for me. I was brand new to the plan and despite having friends who had done it, I had no real experience as to what it would FEEL like. Well, I felt like I was literally starving. I totally understand your carb addiction because I had one too. There were so many "snack routines" I had during the course of a workday that now all of a sudden I couldn't have.

So how did I deal? For one, I allowed myself to feel whatever I was going through. If I felt like crying because the diet was really hard, I let myself cry and vent about it. My poor husband had to be a shoulder to cry on, but he was very supportive those first few days.

The other thing I did was convince myself that the times when I was feeling REALLY hungry, and when I felt like it was so hard to keep going, I told myself, "that's the diet WORKING." Any hunger pangs? That's the diet going to work eating up all the fat I'd accumulated over the past 10 years. I tricked my mind into thinking that feeling hungry was actually a good thing because it meant the 5&1 plan was going to work.

It may sound silly, but that's what worked for me. And then after about a week and a half, I settled into the routine and it's no longer difficult for me. I still have cravings of course, but I also have a much better handle on them.

I'm in Week 5 and having a struggle of my own. The first 4 weeks on the plan, I lost weight each week. I usually only weigh in once a week, but I will admit I've cheated mid-week sometimes and gotten on the scale to check my progress. It's always been good. Well, today I am halfway through Week 5, and for some reason I decided to get on the scale. I GAINED 1.5 LBS since my weigh-in last Thursday. How is that possible???? Needless to say I started today feeling very discouraged. I know there are lots of feminine/time of month/water retention things that can probably contribute to this, but it's still frustrating. I have been trying so hard, only to be rewarded with a GAIN.

What's worse (for me) is that my husband is also on a diet. He is just using Fitness Pal to count calories, and the weight is melting off of him. It's like he sneezes and loses another So he got on the scale today too, and he's lost another 1.5 pounds since his last time on the scale 3 days ago. I know men lose faster than women, but it's just frustrating for me since I know I am trying so hard.

Anyway, I think the idea is to keep trying, understand there will be setbacks, but no matter what just keep going. In the end it will be worth it. At least that's what I've been telling myself.

Good luck today! You can do it!!! emoticon emoticon


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Back in the end of October I started and by Christmas Day I was down 35 pounds and I told myself I would just enjoy that day but I knew me and worried about crashing and not being able to get back at it well I've tried to restart a dozen times since then and make it about 1.5 days and blow it. I have always struggled with an all or nothing mentality and have such a carb addiction. I just got over my millionth sinus infection so am tired from that. I struggle with depression and as of late am pretty down. My job is an emotionally packed health job but all of this was going on last Fall also and As I got myself rolling it was such a boost. I feel so out of control. I am dodging my coach because I just keep being a failure. She is really sweet and would feel bad if she knew I am avoiding her. What did you do to get through the first 4 days to a week? I know after that I can succeed.

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