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9/25/15 7:55 P

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There's a lot of great advice here, and I especially wanted to second the advice to not stretch before warming up the muscles. I do not stretch until after my workout is done. Also, be careful not to over stretch the muscles - you only want to stretch until you can barely feel it, then you may be able to move a tiny bit further after about 10 seconds or so. The foam rolling was a big help for me as well.

I went to a running store and spent about an hour having them take video, check my form, and testing a number of different shoes. These pretty much did away with any discomfort I was experiencing while running.

Good luck to you!

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9/20/15 9:16 A

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All the suggestions below are great. Honestly, I have nothing to add in terms of advice, but I wanted to give you more encouragement.

The body is a strange thing. We think that because we're doing something good for it, it will reward us by feeling good, which is only fair. I know how frustrating it is when the opposite happens. Hang in there emotionally, you're making yourself stronger. You'll figure it out, I'm sure. In the meantime, congrats on your consistency.

Wishing you the best!

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9/15/15 7:14 P

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Did you get your shoes properly fitted? It's not just a matter of going up a half size for when your feet swell. I was fitted at a good running store and went up 1.5 sizes from what I had been wearing. I also came away with my first coaching advice on my gait.

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9/15/15 2:10 A

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Hey there! First let me tell you how happy and proud I am that you have done 12 weeks of running - that is AMAZING!!! You mentioned that you stretch before you run, do you warm up first? One of the things I got wrong at first was dynamic stretching before I ran. Muscles need to be warm before you stretch them, or they may tear, causing pain and making it more difficult to continue. I actually do not stretch a lot before a run anymore: after a 2-5 minute walk, I do my normal 4, quad stretch, hamstring, hip flexor, and IT band...send me a message if you want more info.

If your pain is new, then it is likely either equipment (running shoe), or gait issues. When there is a weakness in our body, other muscles automatically take over, but they get over taxed quite quickly, and can make things quite sore. Do you strength train? In my town, we have a physio office that analyzes gaits, perhaps something to think about. Also, where did you get your running shoes? Having them at least 1/2 size larger is good, but did they consider whether you are flat footed, or high arched? This all matters a great deal when you are trying to get a pair of sneaks that can carry you through your workouts.

Let us know how things go moving forward!! Again, so impressed at how far you have come:-)


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9/14/15 11:07 P

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emoticon to hear your calves are hurting. First thing that comes to mind while reading this, how old are the shoes you are wearing. I see people everyday that are starting a running program that have shoes that are worn out. Where there isn't any support. Also, if the shoe's you are wearing have to much of a heal to toe ratio drop this will cause calf tightness.

If the shoes are ok, you may need to do a little more calf stretching or foam rolling to losen/warm-up that muscle. There really a lot of things that can cause this. Your electrolyte level could be down. You may need to increase salt intake. Check into these and see what fits you.

Hope this helps. Keep us updated emoticon

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9/14/15 4:28 P

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Sorry you're having trouble.

So, you were doing okay until a couple of weeks ago? My question is, what changed a couple of weeks ago??

You're stretching, warming up, you have new shoes (are they RUNNING shoes? I made the mistake of trying to run in cross trainers and that was very uncomfortable), you're taking it slow...? You sound good!

Did you change surface? Are you doing some other exercise on non-running days? I sure hope you get it figured out. For me, it always comes down to the shoes. sigh.

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9/14/15 12:12 P

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One thing you might try that helped me a lot was to take a look at your form. When I first started running, my form was pretty incorrect and that was causing a lot of pain where it needn't be. I read the Chi Running method book and it helped. The trick is to lean forward slightly (it feels weird at first, but you get used to it) and hold your arms at your side and lightly clench your fists (like you're trying to hold a butterfly in your palms without crushing it). As you run, move your legs as though you were peddling a bicycle; that should keep you from heel striking, which can cause a lot of pain. Also (and this tip is weird but it helps me) imagine that your spine is a needle pierced through a cotton ball. Hold yourself straight but keep your muscles in your back soft. Does any of that make sense? There's a book with some exercises you can try, too.

- Amy

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9/14/15 11:50 A

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I started a walk/jog program through a local running group in prep for a 5K I thought I would run in October. I have been doing this for about 12 weeks now at 2-3 times a week (mostly 2). I stretch before and after and I jog extremely slow. Some people walk faster than I jog, but my goal was to increase my distance I was able to jog and less walking and then down the road work on increasing speed. I had worked up approx. 3 mins run then walk approx. 1 minute intervals. About two weeks ago I started getting some pain and tightness in my calves. Each time I have run it seems to come on sooner. Last week at about the 2.5 minute mark of my first jog interval (started with a 5 min walk warm up) both calves started to hurt. At 3 min I stopped jogging and did some stretches and then walked for about 2 mins and felt comfortable enough to try to jog again. I made it about 2 mins when the pain started again so I stopped and walked again. Each time the amount of time it took to feel pain during my jog was shorter so I stopped and just walked back. I did about a 2 mile trek which I should be doing 3 miles of intervals. My calves were sore afterwards for a couple of hours but then just fine and nothing the next day. The next time I went out I tried an new pair of running shoes that I just got. These are a half size bigger as I was told I should get bigger shoes than I would normally wear and I was getting black and blue toe nails. that interval seemed to go better, I was able to make 3mins the first interval before the pain and tightness and I was able to do 2.5 miles. The run I did yesterday I also wore compression socks to see if that would help. It was back to the bad again. I don't run two days in a row. I take a shake made with half protein powder and half meal replacement powder (shakology) and a banana for breakfast every day. I also do walking and/or strength training on non run days. Any direction anyone could give me would be appreciated as I am really trying to achieve this 5K goal.

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