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9/21/14 9:41 P

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I agree with CASSIOEPIA. Many irregularities may cause muscle cramps. Blood tests may be done to check for the following:
Calcium, potassium, or magnesium metabolism
Kidney function
Thyroid function

Also watch your stretching and breathing - low oxygen in muscles may cause them to cramp.

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9/21/14 5:47 P

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I would consult a Dr to make sure it isn't serious. I ignored lower leg pain and ended up having emergency surgery. Nothing to fool around with.

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9/21/14 5:47 P

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You've got a lot of miles under your belt, and it sounds like you have tried lots of things.

Since you've experimented with the fluids, and different fueling strategies, I would say it may be worth a try to get your mineral levels checked. There are many things that can cause cramping, and low minerals is one of them (potassium for example).

I have only experienced cramping in my calves once, and it was after mile eleven in a half marathon race. I had been sick to my stomach on the Friday before the race, so for me, I believe it was dehydration.

Please keep this thread updated with what you find out.

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9/21/14 5:10 P

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I've been running for about a year. I've done 2 half marathons and I've got my 3rd in a few weeks. I run/walk for my long runs. I feel great up to about 10 miles, but then my calves cramp up and I have to walk most of the rest. It's both calves, they ball up and it's pretty sudden. The furthest I've made it without leg cramps is 11 miles. I've always got a hydration pack on long runs. I've tried water, I've tried gatorade diluted to different levels, I've tried salt tabs, salty stuff like pretzels and sunflower seeds, I hydrate well the few days before, I eat well, I fuel well, I've tried different run/walk ratios, I've tried all I can think of and I still end up with terrible leg cramps and always at 10-11 miles in. I get home and foam roll and it's a little better, then after about 20 minutes of sitting they're gone until I stand again and they hurt again until I sit back down. I'm finally able to get up and walk again without pain after about an hour of being home and off my feet. My ultimate goal is to be an ultra marathoner but I can't get past 10 miles without pain! How do I make it stop?

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