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1/23/13 4:54 P

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Well I have had about 7 in the last year so my process normally goes to try to let it take its course. To try to let it just grow out but I do tend to fiddle it a bit. It may seperate off the top or it may just take ages to grow out.

If it disconnects down one side just tape it down. My latest one I was able to just leave for a while and then after a shower I notice it was coming away so with a little assistance I was able to simply pull it off. No pain.

If it is causing pain and pressure you may want to go to a podiatrist about it and they will advise you. They may drill it to reduce the pressure but has to be pretty bad for that.

Good Luck

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1/23/13 4:05 P

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Let nature take its course. I too have lost a toe nail or two. After a few days, the pain is mostly gone and it will just come off and be pain free. It is my socks too that cause it!

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1/23/13 2:14 P

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I lost a toenail after my second half marathon and I kept polish on it the entire time as I also didn't really want to see the discoloration. I kept it clean and dry and it took some time before it fell off...I'm thinking it was several weeks at least. I also wondered if it would actually fall off or not or just reattach, but when it did go it was completely pain-free.

My opinion, and I'm definitely no expert, is to just let nature take its course.

And I actually also believe that my issue was more about socks and less about shoes as well. Even though I had used the socks I wore during my race on a regular basis, I think it was just one of those times where the continued pressure over the time leading up to the race and then finally running the race did the trick. I am going to try Injinji toe socks next time around and see if it doesn't help since each toe has an individual opening so it won't rub due to other longer/shorter toes surrounding it. Have no idea if that will be the difference but I'll give it a try!

And congrats on finishing the Marathon! Way to go!!!!!!


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1/23/13 9:59 A

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Hi All,
I did the Disney Marathon a few weeks ago and my big toes (and feet for that matter) were very sore afterwards. My question comes to toenails, and losing them. the toenail on my left big toes was very bad, and I believe it will likely fall off. the top quarter has already disconnected, and the pain has finally lessened to the point that it does not bother me. The catch is I had a great pedicure done before the race in the event that I blackened a few, and I do not want to remove the polish to see the yuck that lurks beneath (at least not for another week and a half since I will be wearing and open toed shoe at a formal event.)
What are the odds that it will not fall off, but simply grown out? If it were going to fall off would it have done so by now? Should I be concerned or just let nature do what natuer will do. All I have been doing thus far is soaking it nightly and keeping it clean and dry.

Thanks all! Despite having been a runner for a number years and now two marathons this is my first toenail issue. And preemptively, it was not the result of a poorly fitted shoe, but a 'new' running sock I tried for the first time at the marathon. (dumb choice made at 3 am dressing for the race.

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