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1/18/13 11:48 A

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When all else fails, I try to focus on the here and now. Not how far you've come or how far yet to go, but the feeling of putting one foot in front of the other. When I really focus, I usually realize that my legs feel ok, and that helps. A mantra (shorten the stride, shorten the stride, shorten the stride) helps with hills. Or, pick short term goals (I'll run to the stop sign.) And it usually helps to remember that all I need to do is keep my legs moving; speed is not important.

Take care,

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11/17/12 11:41 A

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I love the Zombies, Run! app, I also have a playlist about a mile long, mostly 80's stuff...yep, I am 40 so 80's music flips a switch for me!

I have a lot of joint pain issues even when I don't go walking/jogging, so I KNOW its going to hurt when I get out there....what I usually do is tell myself '10 minutes, and if you still want to go home, you are allowed.'
I usually don't go home at that point for a couple of reasons, one being that I am 10 minutes away from home, lol, and by that point, my joints are starting to loosen up some. Honestly though, I think the biggest reasons are that I love the endorphin rush and the sense of accomplishment I get when I am done.

My beau goes out with me also and when I was doing timed intervals, he would start counting down when I started started struggling. Hearing or seeing my remaining time diminishing was a HUGE help. If you don't have someone to go with you, maybe you can get your phone to count down intervals, I am sure there must be an app for it if it is not already a function of the stopwatch on the phone.

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11/16/12 1:42 A

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I totally understand...

I listen to music, but sometimes that doesn't even help. I am an accountant, so do math problems in my mind, or figure out what drills to run at ringette practice....anything that you need to concentrate on to get an answer...maybe even plan Christmas:)

Hope it helps!!


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11/12/12 9:18 P

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do you have any running apps for your ipod? Sometimes they can make it more fun. My fave is Zombies, Run! It has a whole back story and it uses your music in between. It is crazy fun, esp when the zombies are closing in and you have to speed up.
It does get easier, and you will start finding that you actually want to keep running. I have had 3 milers turn into 5 milers more than a few times!

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11/12/12 6:29 P

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I am the same way. Never got into running until I did the Warrior Dash 5k obstacle course last year. I barely ran it but I was so jazzed at getting over those obstacles that I decided to get myself stronger to do it again. then I signed up for the Beach Dash a few months later. I was still sore for days so I have the bug to keep working on stamina to get through a run without walking.

Next up the St. Paddy's Day 5K. I did it this year so I'm working on improving my time for next year.

I'm still trying. I talk to myself a lot, "just keep going till you get to that next tree" or " keep going till the next intersection. I like to listen to music when I run so sometimes I tell myself to "just dance". It's all mental I think!

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11/12/12 5:49 P

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I hear ya! GNATs - gloomy/negative automatic thoughts. What about music you really love? or run with a group/buddy?

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11/12/12 4:48 P

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I was like that (and, still can be!). If it wasn't for the Run/Walk method (aka Jeff Galloway's method) I probably would have never ran further than 2 miles. I started out being able to run about 2 miles, but hating ever second. I just couldn't get past the 2 mile mark. Then found out about Jeff Galloway, and got his book. I swear, just knowing that I only had to make it through X minutes before walking, make it so much more bearable!!

The first week I tried the method, I ran until I started getting the "negative thoughts", but before I felt I HAD to stop. It was 1 minute! LOL!! So, I ran 1 minute, walked 1 minute for however long I was supposed to run for that training (I think I was training for a 5K). I quickly moved up to running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute...and maintained that for the first year or so. I remember it taking about 6 weeks before I could have a run that I actually enjoyed the entire time!

Another way to get over the negative thoughts, I set a goal for each run. Sometimes it's for speed, sometimes it's to run non-stop, sometimes it's to reach a certain distance, or maybe I do an interval workout and sometimes it's to JUST enjoy it!! No matter how slow my pace is! I did that this weekend, and I beat my current average pace by almost a minute per mile! I just took all the pressure off myself to "perform", and I ran faster and enjoyed it. Now...sometimes I slow down, but I make a deal with myself not to beat myself up over it.

One last tip...get an awesome playlist. Sometimes that can distract me. I have listened to the same playlist since I trained for a marathon 2 years ago...and I love it!! It's like 5 hours long, so I don't have to hear the same songs EVERY run, but there will be songs that come on, and I remember that race and it pumps me up! Sometimes a song that you have a positive association with can get you out of that negative mindset too.

Just be patient. You'll get there!

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11/12/12 4:28 P

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I am a new runner and I am surprised how much I actually like it. I Iove outdoor running. I choose as pretty and scenic routes as I am able to find in my neighborhood. I also decided not to aim for straight running and what I do instead is walk/run intervals. Less struggle, more fun. I know that it is helpful for some people to listen to the music but I prefer to hear what's going on around me. I like to look at running as something that is just mine-my time, my body, my mind, my workout, my sweat, my pain, my glory LOL
No matter how many minutes, how many miles-it's me and for me.
And of course I am aways conscious that I don't have to do that. I hated it at school, because we all HAD to run.

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11/12/12 3:40 P

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I've been running off an on for a couple of years. I ran my first 5k a year and a half ago and then I ran the Dirty Girl (a 5k obstacle course) this past May. I'm signing up to run a 5k this December. However, I will say that I'm fairly out of "running shape". I actually had to run/'walk when I started back up this weekend!

My biggest problem is that I'm a runner that cannot get out of my own head..even though I love the process and how I feel when I'm done all I can think when I'm actually running is "how much longer, I wish I were done, etc." Any suggestions for how to stop that? It's making it difficult to actually run- if that makes sense.

I'm wondering if anyone might have any suggestions to help me figure this out!


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