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4/8/12 2:33 P

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ok here you go. your cells hold more water in anticipation of needing it for the longer runs or harder workouts(it is actually more technical than that but you get the point). you body is an amazing machine you have to feed it for it to be efficient. 50%+/- carbs is good they will provide the needed glycogen you body needs and that is where the water come into play, your body automatically stores water with glycogen. also make sure your protein is also in a 25%+/- range to repair the muscle damage you do while training. you want to go 40-30-30 if you are not working out.

a typical woman(150 lbs) needs around 2000 calories per day, figure you burn about a 80-120 calories per mile so and all the other stuff you are doing look what you need to fuel your body just to maintain and keep it healthy.

you are might be putting you body into starvation mode. starvation diet does not mean the absence of food. it means cutting the total caloric intake to less than 60% of what the body requires. it slows you metabolism so you can't drop weight as easy or even gain and you body does not get enough nutrients.

just an example if you need 2000 per day to maintain weight. you only eat 1500 which is ok but then you burn 1000 you end up with a net of 500 calories. with a net of 500 your body is starving for nutrients, any and begins to hold onto everything you put into so you can actually gain weigh on 500 calories per day. good rule of thumb is never go below 1200 calories net. if you have been doing this to you body it may take several weeks to turn it around to get back to normal.

i fought with anne miamia7 (my wife) about this when we first started spark and once she started eating she went from 200 to 125 in about 8 months.

load up on fruits and vegies for your complex carbs, good fats and protein. to get those last few pound off you have to be very strict with your diet, weigh and measure evrything. i actually found it much easier to lose weight when i give up exercise for a while

don't forget to measure every month because you may not drop weight but may drop inches.

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4/8/12 2:28 P

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Sam-Kristen has some great points and I totally agree! One thing I always tell people is that if you burn 500 calories in a day you have to add 250 back in on top of your daily calories. So if you are to eat between 1250-1500 calories that day you should really eat between 1500-1750. I stopped losing weight when I didn't add more calories in. Kind of a starvation mode. Another issue is when you are training for a race...a longer race, you really shouldn't try to lose weight. You have to fuel when you train. Your muscles need the extra food. I am looking at losing the 10 lbs I have been playing with for 2 years. But honestly if I stay at 140 it is a lot better than the original 210 I started out with!
There are some great fueling and losing while running articles out there. I will see if I can find any!
Good luck!


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4/2/12 12:11 P

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I have the exact same problem, but I basically know why I have it. I tend to allow myself more calories, and not always the RIGHT kind, when I am training and running hard. So, yes, even though I need more to compensate for what I'm burning, I'm not always making sure they are quality calories. I like to "reward" myself with junk pretty much.

How many calories do you eat in a typical day? And how many more on a running day? Another suggestion I have is to measure regularly rather than focusing on the scale as a measurement. You carry a lot of muscle mass when you run so even though the scale isn't budging, your body measurements may.

Are you strength training? If not, add in consistent ST as it will amp up your metabolism and keep everything burning even when you aren't running. Do you run intervals or speed sessions? If not, consider adding them. It will torch calories by keeping your body guessing. It doesn't need to be anything so fancy as running on a track by doing 800 repeats or whatever...just pick a landmark, run to it at a sprint and then recover and do it again. I think too often us casual runners overthink intervals and speedwork! LOL

Finally, if you aren't already doing it consistently, try actually tracking for a week or two. You may be eating more/less than you think if you aren't tracking every bite. Also, you may want to journal if you are eating because you are hungry or bored, or whatever. This might help you target any "I ran, so I can eat ______ (fill in the blank)".

Good job on all your accomplishments and I'm sure you will find what will get those last few extra pounds off!!! :-)


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3/30/12 6:58 P

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I realized I didn't give ANYONE any idea of my "normal" eating habits... so how could you say if it's too little or too much? lol
Average day:
Cheerios with milk (multigrain and 1%)
Coffee with creamer (my one calorie laden drink that I refuse to give up)
Cut up veggies with hummus
Big salad with light dressing
3-4 oz chicken breast
Mixed veggies
Fruit (orange, apple or banana typically)
Popcorn (94% fat free if I'm starving)
Dinner is usually game meat of some sort (moose, elk, deer) or salmon or halibut - I eat 3-4 oz (all very lean, prepared with little to no added oils)
More salad & cooked veggies
~100 calorie dessert (fudgesicle, light ice cream, pudding...)

And lots of water...

Kimmiep - GREAT JOB on the 10 miler! I did a 1/2 marathon last summer (planning again this year) - and actually had to completely stop thinking about my weight because it annoyed me so much.


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3/30/12 4:46 P

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looking forward to hearing some answers, I have the same problem! I think I am not eating enough, although I am the first to admit i don't always make the right choices! i stay in my calorie range but I do LOVE my
I ran a 10 mile race last weekend and didn't lose an ounce! something is definitely wrong!

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3/30/12 4:43 P

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Okay, I need some advice.

I've been on Spark for 3 years... lost a good bit of weight - but have that last 15 that I've been ignoring for the last year (or 2)... and I'm done with it. My problem is that when I started running, I stopped losing weight - I'm not sure if I started eating too much... or kept eating too little.
I've been running now for almost 2 years (well, 2 summers... and this past winter too) - and I'm really proud of my accomplishments and the drive I feel to improve. So I'm not about to give that up just to get rid of a few pounds...

Any suggestions? What has worked for you?
THANKS! emoticon

What if you fail?
You will.
Then, you move on.

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