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5/1/11 7:03 A

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I agree with the above, with the addition of advertising if there would be games or table top games going on. I went to a small convention and didn't find out until I was there that pick up games were going on and, since it was a long drive, I didn't leave enough time to play any and was pretty upset. Good luck!

4/28/11 12:43 P

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Hmm...good question. Well, if there are going to be any guest speakers/signers it can be amazing what a draw that is. I hate finding out that someone was at a convention and I didn't go because I didn't know. Hours, date(s), admission, and location seem to be left out a lot as well. One would think that would be a no-brainer, but there you go! Also, you may mention if costume/LARP is accepted (or even encouraged). Some people will come out of the woodwork just for a chance to dust off some gear. If there are open gaming sessions, it may also be helpful in certain adds/fliers to state what those games are going to be, or at least the top two or three you expect to draw a crowd. Seems to be all I can think of at this point in time though. Good Luck (with the advertising as well as the final paper)!!

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4/24/11 7:39 P

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Hey howdy there!

I was semi-volunteered to help do publicity for a big Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Gamer convention on my college campus in January (semi because I wanted to help, and finally just said "what the hell" since nobody was working on it and we need to get cracking, and i had no clue what else I could help do). I remember publicity was a big issue the last time around because a lot of people who aren't devoted gamers and whatnot thought it sounded neat AFTER the event, but had no clue what it was before.

Anyhoo, I guess my big question was that if you saw something for a new convention, what would make you want to go? I mean, what would you want/need to know before taking time out to go to a convention? I'm not sure a better way to word this at the moment (final paper before essay exam is niggling at the back of my noggin), but what is important for you.

If I get my brain back, I'll try to clarify this later--i need sleep (easter's exhausting with family)

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