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7/29/11 4:01 P

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Read through the player's handbook for any system you have never tried (such as DnD, Pathfinder, GURPS, World of Darkness, whatever you are playing). Most of them aren't super long and they have tons of graphs, pictures, and examples of gameplay. Plus, everyone who has played for a while has a copy, so you can probably borrow one. Also, don't be embarassed to ask questions of your DM or group members. Most of the time, they just want things to go smoothly, and that involves you learning the appropriate rules and such. Good luck, have fun!

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4/10/11 7:59 A

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I highly suggest you check out this site:

Not only does it contain extensive forums, it has a whole section dedicated to advice! This place is for all kinds of games, not just the mess WOTC has created - LOL. I am currently trying again to make use of their "find a group" service, which is a cool feature. There is also an ongoing chat where you could go on, anonymously, and ask anything you want - just watch out for lonely GMs, I accidentally asked one about the world he was created and after an hour of scrolling the chat I no longer had insomnia! Haha. ;)

If I can answer any questions as well, feel free to ask! I've been a gamer for a long time now and love bringing people into the geekiness!

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4/9/11 12:28 P

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I think that is their website. They could probably give you some infos or just google it. Table top role playing games or table top RPGS would probably work for searches.

Welcome to the world of gaming!

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4/9/11 12:44 A

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hey howdy there!

I've never gotten into the role-playing games and such, like dungeons and dragons or anything like that with the special dice and the HP stats and whatnot. I've never known anybody til getting with the Gamer's Guild on campus that does that.

Well, I did a little bit of "7th Sea" with a group a few weeks ago, and we were gonna do it tonight, too (it took a while to get set up, unresponsive internet site and other stuff like that), and by that time it was getting really late and I gotta be in downtown by 9 am for a professional development, so I couldn't stick around.

I really don't know much if anything about these games. Is there some resource you could point me to, like a "Gaming for dummies" book or something that could give me a good guide for not just playing this game but any of those types of games? I'd love to not look like a deer in headlights and all (and to actually participate, especially when classes end and there's less pressure for time on my head).

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