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2/5/12 11:24 A

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I have been very successful using hcg and working out. I teach zumba as welll. For some, if your body is already used toworking out,you can still loose weight. I personally add a protein shake and an extra fruit before working out and add a recovery shake afterwards.

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1/3/12 12:36 A

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You need to get a new doctor, STAT.

Messing with your body's pituitary hormones (unless you have a legitimate deficiency) is incredibly foolhearty. The only type of physican who should ever give you pituitary hormones is a neuroendocrinologist, and even then, only after rigorous testing.

There are several things about the HCG diet that are quite dangerous. How about changing your exercise routine instead? I don't think that I would lose much weight just doing Zumba need a variety of exercise challenges (and some muscle confusion) in order to be really fit--weight bearing, non-weight bearing, etc. How about adding a weight circuit once or twice week?

ETA: I just came across this in an article on exercise...totally apropos:

"Incorporate variation into each workout. Variety is critical because your muscles become very efficient at the exercises they are accustomed to doing. Switching things up or doing something radically different during each workout session is more challenging to your muscles. This concept should be applied to both aerobic exercise and strength training.

An individual who always does the same exercises will usually plateau sooner than someone who continually makes changes. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a different workout each time you hit the gym, try to change your exercise routine at least every 6-8 weeks. For more information, check out Plateau Busters: Add Variety to Your Workouts. "

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1/1/12 6:59 P

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What kind of doctor is this? I haven't heard anything good about the HCG diet from any doctor that isn't making money off of it. There have been too many cases of people becoming dangerously ill on this diet for me to trust it. Add weight training if you haven't already, and wait it out. A plateau is your body's opportunity to readjust to a new normal before it goes on to the next step in the weight loss process. I wouldn't mess with that. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

1/1/12 12:25 P

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It could be you are not eating enough calories to lose weight...have you tried Zig zagging your diet...Here's a little about this method from Steve Edwards blog- May 24, 2010

I have not heard positive stuff about HCG & how can the diet have you eating 500 calories in a day & be called safe?? I t scare me too & just don't get it??? I know people that have used it and lost weight but the maintenance loss was not there once they quit...only regained 5 pounds has turned to 15 pounds 6 months later...

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1/1/12 10:37 A

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Have you thought about mixing up your calorie intake day to day? I'm sorry but the HCG diets scares the crap out of me. Research shows that tricking your body with different calorie intake from day to day keeps the metabolism working like it should be. Are you doing strength training? Your body may be in a holding pattern from doing routine things.


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1/1/12 12:23 A

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Hello everyone!

I am a local Zumba instructor in my area in Elgin, IL. I have visited my doctor and I have hit a weight loss wall, I teach 5 times a week and eat well and haven't lost weight for 3months. so he decided to put me on the HCG diet. He told me I had to stop exercising for a while so the diet can work properly, problem is I just can't stop teaching my classes, other students depend on me to teach the class and I just can't cancel my classes. I have agreed with my students that class will only be 3 times a week now. I have heard of people still working out and on the HCG diet and still see great results. But I just wanted to know others input.

thanks lost :)

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