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10/27/10 9:57 P

My SparkPage
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I focus on the 10 healthy habits which are emphasized in the Shrink Yourself online program but are barely addressed in the book.

I track my nutrition with Dietpower . I focus on eating nutrient dense foods and getting all my nutritional needs met. I don't have a set calorie range, but often eat between 1600 to 1900 calories, which I plan to do for the rest of my life for life extension purposes, unless I get unhealthily skinny. I use the tracking to keep me mindful and paying strict attention to whether my hunger is emotional or physical. If it's physical, I eat. If it's emotional, I look for ways to more directly address the emotional need.

I also use some aspects of "The Gabriel Method" (which theorizes that your body tried to make you eat more if you are not giving it the things it needs.) So I supplement with Omega 3 essential fatty acids (fish oil), take vitamin D3 and a multi-vitamin and minerals. I particularly try include fresh, live, raw food (like fresh produce or sprouts) with every meal or snack).

I have set food policies including not doing anything else while eating. I only sip water while watching TV or at the movies for example.

I exercise 6 days a week, gradually trying new things to make exercise fun. Currently I am trying out almost every class available at my gym, in addition to playing tennis, trying Nordic walking, learning yoga, and some other things. My emphasis lately is on learning body awareness and continuing to build my ability to listen to my body, not so much on calorie burning anymore.

I also have worked on building active skills to combat anxiety, including HeartMath and meditation. I also regularly listen to self hypnosis CD's which help keep me bouncing back easily. It is just so much easier not to want sweets and carbs, than it is to fight off the cravings for them.

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10/25/10 4:23 P

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I eat a light healthy breakfast and plan for that. Lunches, I choose something light. Honestly, I just start telling myself, "What would a skinny person eat?", and I go with that. A light sandwich with some carrot sticks and dressing on the side, a salad, or a soup with a handful of crackers. :) Dinner is eaten as a family usually, and I have a very thin husband who has never had a weight problem, and a son who is a picky eater, so I just cook what they like, and I try to watch my portion sizes. :) My big problem is with carbs (loooove chips, potatoes, white bread, white flour pasta, etc....and it causes me problems with weight loss), and I also have a problem with sodium. If I eat anything salty, my feet swell up like balloons. lol So as a result, my weight loss jumps up and down every week. :)

I do exercise each morning. I use the Walk it Out game on the Wii, and I find that while I'm marching around, I can often let my mind wander a bit, so I have a bit of time to sort out what I need to do during the day, plan what I'm going to have for breakfast, what errands I have to run, etc. So when I'm finished exercising, I feel energized from being active, and I have my game plan thought out for the day. Kind of like multi-tasking. :)

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10/25/10 6:36 A

My SparkPage
I stopped eating unless I'm actually hungry and stopped obsessing over not getting all the nutrients I need because, apparently, you have to eat all day or take a bottle full of vitamin pills to get all the nutrients you are supposed to get in a day. That was my first strategy. And although the pounds are only coming off one a week or less, when I look in the mirror or put on my clothes, I know something's happening.

And I walk every single day, no matter what-- rain, hot, cold, snow -- even if I have to stand at my kitchen sink and do steps while I'm doing dishes. When I walk with my friends Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we walk 2 1/2 miles or more. When I walk my dog, I walk about half a mile, but that is a few times a day. Not as much as I'd like but I'm true to the plan and that is what counts.
I graduated to 5 lb dumbells and I use them a little more sporadically. I have arthritis in my back and I'm pretty much a crybaby when I hurt but I do use them once or twice a week and plan to start using them more.

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10/24/10 11:40 P

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So what do you guys do to lose weight? You've gotta have a plan and you must start somewhere! What's your's?

This is mine:

On the weekends, I cook healthy meals. I store them in the refrigerator so I can eat them during the week. I also buy lots of fruit and frozen vegetables. I take these things will me to school and work for snacks.

I try to exercise everyday. I usually go for a run/walk that is about 1.6 miles long on the weekends. On the weekdays I use The Firm Videos and I walk around campus.

Well, that's my plan! What's yours?

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