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3/2/10 7:21 P

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6/25/09 4:30 P

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Brilliant... and good for you!

You know, I took an informal poll of friends who don't have weight issues, and guess what -- the only time they weigh themselves is when the nurse does it at the doctor's office!! That was a revelation to me! Several told me they had "no idea" what they weighed. When I asked how they gauged their feelings about their bodies, several had no answer ... the others said, "oh, I figure if my pants are getting tight, I better cut back and exercise a bit more." Wow. Honestly, the reason for the scale is supposed to be to 'inform' us when we need to make changes. But, don't we already know?

And those of us who are "shrinkers" are all working very hard to tune into our bodies, to recognize real from emotional hunger, to face emotional issues head on and constructively, and to generally get back in touch with ourselves. Can a little box on the floor do that for us?

I say we can do it much better for ourselves.

Good for you! Bravo Bravo!
Listen to your own inner voice and do what is right for you. THAT is a real sign of emotional maturity and balance.


"We are all in the gutter, but some of us
are looking at the stars"

Oscar Wilde

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6/25/09 3:48 P

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I posted this blog today and I thought it might relate well to the challenge of my fellow shrink yourselves folks.

After 46 tumultuous years I have decided that the scale and I have a dysfunctional relationship and it is time for the scale to go. Specifically, over the last 14 months I have been using the scale to measure my progress as I eat healthy, exercise regularly, drink 8 or more glasses of water a day and try to maintain my stress levels. If you ask me (and or take a look at my spark streaks) you will find that I am doing fairly well in these areas. In general, the scale has shown success as well. I am down over 30 lbs. to date- sometimes I am down more than 30 lbs. sometimes less. I am wearing the smallest clothes Iíve worn in over 4 years. So why the divorce?

I try to weigh in no more than once a week. However with that scale peaking out at me every time I enter the bathroom it is hard to say no. Sometimes Iíve been eating right and exercising extra hard the last few days so I want to see the progress NOW. So I step on the scale. Sometimes, the progress is not that forthcoming. Of course not- the scale doesnít know what I am doing or how hard I am working. The scale does not know how it affects my feelings- nor does it care. So I get upset, beat myself up and may even go off my healthy habits- just on spite. Still the scale does not care.

Sometimes, I slip up on the healthy habits. Iím too tired, too angry, too used to eating to soothe that which is bothering me. So I turn to food. Really these days, that happens very rarely. Thatís ok, Iím only human. Afterwards I pick myself up and start back down my path to a healthy life. Being a woman (sorry, to make this generalization) I probably then beat myself up a bit for slipping up. If that isnít enough, then I step on the scale and find out my progress is going the wrong way. More self-abuse ensues.

If my daughter, husband, son or friend was to not bother to exercise, eat too much, party too long, would I abuse them? Of course not! They wouldnít want to be with me anymore. They wouldnít consider me a good wife, mom or friend. So I treat them with compassion and understanding. Itís about time I treat myself the same way.

The scale provides no compassion. I get no communication (besides the blinking LED) from the scale. I get no support. I even celebrate alone when the scale shows me success.

This morning, after a week that included 4 days of overeating, 4 days of minimal exercise and a hormonal monthly activity coming on that normally makes me retain water I see that Iíve gained 2 lbs. My usual take on that would be some self-flagellation. But this morning I decided to take an alternative approach. I drew up the divorce papers for the scale and I. I figure after 14 months I know how to take care of myself and Iím doing quite well I might add. I wonít be stepping back on the scale for another month- on July 24th. As long as I know that my clothes fit then I know Iím staying healthy. If they start to feel like sausage casings- well then itís time to re-evaluate the eating, exercising, water drinking and stress management.

I feel so good about this decision that Iím starting to consider divorcing the mirror and the womenís magazines- Iíll bet you didnít know that I am polyandrous.

If you win 51% of the battles you have won the war.
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