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4/20/09 3:56 P

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For me the top two are after a fight with my husband, and after family get togethers.


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3/29/09 5:45 A

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When Its cold and rainy out. Also when im alone during the day and have nothing to do.

love yourself.

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3/18/09 1:14 A

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Late at night, when I'm trying to go to sleep.

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3/16/09 11:52 P

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Harriet is yelling at me to get on the scale. She just knows I won't have success or I will have a gain (= failure). I am committed to weigh my self ONCE this week at the MOST. Even then I just may not do it until I am ready to treat myself with respect regardless of the results rather than with Harriet's, 'your no good anyway' message.

If you win 51% of the battles you have won the war.
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3/15/09 10:35 P

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Besides the unstructured weekends, the worst time for me is around 3:30 in the afternoon. I'm done with teaching for the day and have usually gotten the routine email stuff done. I'm not a bit hungry then but I want to eat. I used to think it was a way of rebelling against having to keep working; I'm never done at that time, and only occasionally leave then, even though I'm not required to stay on campus after that. It occurred to me just now that it has more to do with the fact that I actually feel overwhelmed with what I need to do and, even after 12 years of teaching, still don't think I know how to organize myself and plan well what I need to do. Amazingly, I believe I still do good lessons with students and they definitely accomplish work, but I can't see how it all fits into a big picture, so I'm the that feels the anxiety. I realize also that I feel I won't give up the anxiety, even though I'm actually doing pretty good work with students, because I want the pressure to hopefully make me someday get my act more together for ME. Hmm, I'm not sure where to go with this right now. Work to do in my SY workbook.

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3/4/09 12:48 A

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I hear Harriet loud and clear when I am feeling sore from working out or proud of myself for staying in my calorie goal for the day and then........I take off my clothes to get in the shower and see myself in the mirror. I think, "what is all the work for? I am so far gone. I'll need surgery to fix the damage I've done.Shouldn't I see more results?!I'm working my butt off here!"
She likes to minimize my hard work. But I will push on even if only for the satisfaction of knowing I can.


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3/3/09 11:36 P

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I think we have a similar experience. If I feel discouraged ... particularly when I don't see progress, or no one else notices my hard work, then I hear, "oh, why bother!"

The opposite is also true. When I see a lot of progress, it is really really easy for me to say, "oh I've busted my butt, I DESERVE to slack off a bit." That is one I haven't figured out how to deal with yet and it is what has derailed me in the past. But, then that's why I'm working with this program .. to help me reprogram that response.

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3/3/09 11:30 P

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After thinking about Judy's challenge and trying to stay conscious of my battles with Harriet, I am trying to understand what events trigger a 'visit' from Harriet. For me I know that when I am overwhelmed and have thoughts of 'this isn't going as I had planned' or 'I will never get all of this done' those are Harriet's self doubts creeping in to attack. I also sometimes hear that when I am nearing success. I am going to weigh in on Thursday and I am hoping to reach my 30 lbs. goal. At the same time Harriet is nagging at me that this won't happen so what would it matter if I ate something out of control anyway. I'm getting nervous that I won't meet the goal and then Harriet will be VERY loud telling me it doesn't matter anyway. I need to prepare for that. When do others get visits?

If you win 51% of the battles you have won the war.
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