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12/21/08 6:27 P

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thanks for the responses. I just keep trying to get out of that mindset that is "you have gained weight, therefore, you are terrible" - I know that I now eat according to my emotions, now the next step is digging in. I keep putting this step off until after the holdiays because I will be around my family (which is always a fun filled emotional train wreck). And I know when I go home, I will get all of that "you sure did gain some weight" because my family is that way. I guess this is a true test of what I can deal with. At least I'll have a very strong ally in my husband.

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12/19/08 3:05 P

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I couldn't agree more, Cindy. I think that being an EE adds a whole new element to the weight issue.
The weight becomes a symptom of the problem. It would figure that if you can learn how to fix the problem (which is a journey) then ultimately you WILL fix the weight issue, as well. It's just so NOT about the food.
Maybe we have to set our focus away from the scale,
so it doesn't deter us, and work together on dealing with our emotions before we add food to smother them and find a pseudo-comfort.


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12/18/08 5:39 P

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I'm just at the beginning too, and it's like I know I'm eating emotionally, but I'm not yet where I can intervene before it happens. I'm in a weird space too, where I'm allowing myself to have whatever I want, but trying to stop when I'm satisfied, as opposed to restricting what I eat and then binging. I have cut down enormously on binging, 1 binge in a month-as opposed to daily binges, but it's all new and weird. As long as I eat when I'm hungry, and eat satisfying foods, I don't binge. It's a miracle for me! But I have gained 2 pounds. But I figure as I continue to refine, and work on EE, I will get it sorted out and either maintain, or lose weight till my body is at a "normal eating" weight. My goal is for food to be a non-issue, for the most part. Realistically, it will probably always be there, but I don't want to be hung up on what I eat, or to be using food as a coping mechanism. I've been on this journey awhile, but Shrink Yourself clarified alot of stuff for me. I'm still working through it, but already it's alot better.
Be patient and try to work through the emotional issues. I think those are key to improving your diet and relationship with food.

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12/18/08 3:34 P

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Nat- you are so very right in your blog. Before working on losing weight, I worked for 6 months JUST on the emotions around eating. Initially, when I started facing those emotions head on, I gained weight because that was the only choice I had for dealing. Over the 6 months I learned how to cope and become constructive. The weight gained leveled off early on and I maintained for the rest of the time. Then I was able to start looking at some guidelines for weight loss. I think you doing just fine. Keep learning about yourself. emoticon

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NATTSO78 Posts: 831
12/18/08 2:22 P

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Hey all - just wanted to see if anyone has gained weight since starting the strategies in the Shrink Yourself book. I definitely have (check out my blog) but see that it's definitely a step in the right direction. Before,if I overate, I'd work my butt off and that would be it. Not another thought. But now, since I am aware at why I am eating instead of counting mad calories, I see the weight creeping back on. It's ok though - it'll be gone as soon as I get Harriet under control.

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