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12/7/08 9:20 P

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Carrilu- that is awesome news! It is great to hear that Shrink Yourself speaks to you and you are getting a good 'click' from our team. Remember that great feeling of accomplishment the next time you get the urge to binge again. I'm sure you want to feel that again emoticon

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12/7/08 11:17 A

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Hi Carrilu!! I totally hear you! I am pretty new to Shrink Yourself and sparkpeople, but I am already making so many positive changes in my life that I know I won't ever go back to my old way/sad excuse for living.
Good for you for stopping a binge! I did the same a couple days ago, and I know how amazing it feels. I seriously have NEVER been able to do that before! I also haven't finished Shrink Yourself (I am only a couple chapters ahead of you) but I can say that it just keeps getting better and eating just keeps getting easier. It's really great to have you here!


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12/7/08 10:05 A

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Hi CarriLu and welcome to the team!
Deeeeelighted to have you on board, best of luck with your goals!

xxx M

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12/7/08 4:22 A

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There's nothing like finding your tribe! I'm really liking that you see that this is a continuing process and that what is true for today may change, especially about what foods will go out and come in to our lives. One of the things I am grateful to dieting for is that I've learned about a wider variety of foods that I enjoy in addition to ones that have stayed in the repertoire. And if I ever think that something needs to be gone forever, it's just because I don't like it, not that I can't have it. Not that it's a breeze; there can be some tough moments, but it feels so much more real.


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12/6/08 11:46 P

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Good for you! Isn't it awesome? This is where I belong too. That ending the binging thing is pretty miraculous. I haven't binged in 2 and a half weeks, which is pretty significant. I'm trying to find the delicate balance of not restricting and still choosing healthy foods. I had some cookies around and that wasn't working out very well cause I wanted to choose them all the time and I couldn't figure out of that was emotional eating or well, I'm pretty sure it was emotional eating. Getting nurturing from food when I'm overtired and feel like I need something special. Needless to say, I got rid of the cookies because I don't have good clarity about when I make that choice and I want to. Maybe I'll add cookies later. Congratulations for finding this group and the book-it's really changed my life. Best to you- Cindy

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12/6/08 11:38 P

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I did it ya'll! I found the Spark Team that fits just right. With so many (and I belong to a few) great teams I really wanted a good connection and a fit with people who really understand that this is not about pulling on the sneakers one more time or water for the day. Don't get me wrong those are totally important and I get encouragement for those things too but here is where it "clicks" and I love it.
I finished chapter two and guess what? I did my very first binge interception! I know I have a long way to go but I did what I always thought was impossible and for the first time I DID NOT rely on willpower. It was such and awesome feeling and now I have something to grasp on to. That has never happened before and geez I guess there are lot's of emotions coursing through me that need some paying attention to and that's why I love this team. You all get it and I can't wait to be a support to you and cheer you on because this is tough stuff but I know we can do it emoticon


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