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6/15/09 2:49 A

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I'm loving the Flat Earth Pigs Fly stuff- oh, yes. When I need to blow some serious bucks on amazing eats, they win hands down.

Or Wasabi peas. Yeah.
Other than that- every day, I make and eat wonderful food. Tasty, fresh, delish, wonderful food. Steel cut oatmeal with fruits and spices. Rice and beans with just a hint of meat. Fettuccine loaded with vegies.
Gotta eat healthy. Gotta eat the right stuff.
Oh- and sliced apples with a tad of peanut butter. Yum!


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6/15/09 1:07 A

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Okay this is asking for people to discuss food porn?

Now dont start thinking what you probably are thinking. Food porn, like Pot Shots and other forms of pictorial goodness, are just another example of the same thing. The precursory word helps to define the fact that it is its own gratuitous art form.

Many of the healthy blog sites like Live Run Eat or whatever its called have taken this to a new height. They constantly abuse the readers with pictures of tasty food.

There is the old standby of course. ... Just pictures for the most part of *food* Though I will warn you some of the beer ones and others do actually have people in them. Nothing too racy, but I just think the ones of food stand apart.


How to avoid answering a question that seems too personal? Side line it into something nearly inflammatory of course. :)

Heck, I dont know what to recommend to munch on that isn't part of some "banned by SP" list ...

I ended up eating a bunch of summer squash and zucchini the other night by mistake. I had started to bake the stuff after tossing it in extra light olive oil and spices and it just smelled too good to bake after that. Instant raw side dish and a whole lot less heat in the kitchen. :)

Worse case I figure that is my next replacement item to add to the list for good old fashion potato chips. Or tortilla chips. My other nemesis. 1 oz only serving? Cant do it. So I dont eat them at all right now. Someday maybe I can handle the idea of 1 oz servings of chips ... but not now.

/end blathering.

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6/14/09 9:20 P

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I've tried the Laughing Cow cheese, egg, and toast. Very delish. I've mixed Cool Whip Lite with diet chocolate pudding and like it. Fresh red raspberries are a nice treat, too.

Today I tried "quinoa" for the first time. I cooked it and then mixed it with olive oil, lemon juice, basil, salt, pepper and caramelized onion, celery and green pepper and let it stand in the refrigerator. Very tasty and very healthy.

A favorite treat is to make a sandwich on one sandwich thin (new at Store, Arnold's multi grain thins, consistency of a thin English muffin, 100 calories), using a serving of lite cream cheese and a serving of marmalade and have it with a cup of steamy green tea. Also great for PBJ sandwiches.

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6/14/09 8:47 P

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I was wondering what you guys like to nosh on? I'd love to hear any simple meals or snacks that you eat and find delicious and satisfying.

These days mine is to take a whole portabella mushroom cap and cook it like a burger. I might marinate it in a little italian dressing (I love good seasons made from the dry mix) then cook it in a little olive oil or butter. Then I serve it on a piece of toast that I spread with a laughing cow lite cheese wedge. I use the french onion or garlic and herb flavor (one wedge is only 35 calories and is so completely creamy and savory.) This meal gives my palate the kind of satisfaction I need to keep from feeling deprived.

I also have been using fat free coolwhip and mixing in a little chocolate that with some really sweet berries. People here at spark were talking about that and I have tried it and really like it.

Also, an egg on toast with the laughing cow cheese is something that makes me feel well fed.

Love to hear from others if you are into this kind of foodie talk.

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