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7/12/11 11:45 P

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You are a great mom in realizing you want to and need to change some of your ways! Now that you realize that, just breathe when you feel it coming on, walk away and try to deal with the situation in a calm way. Those ages are hard because they are trying to be their own person. Now focus on many things that are great about you as a mom! Remember how precious they look when they are sleeping and the innocence next time you feel the urge.. I know easier said than done lol I have a 5 year old and a two year old :) Alot of times we have to say No because we are in protect mode.. if you catch yourself saying no to something out of habit just think about it, what will the consequences really be? If they are not really that bad then say Ok I change my mind, you know what!? go ahead and have one candy... or do ____ for 15 minutes. Start giving more leniance on situations that you dont realllllly have to say NO too! I have actually done that lately and it works quite well :) A huge way to gain back some proud momma points :) Good luck from one good mom to another!

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3/13/11 11:51 A

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I think everyone who is a parent can understand your frusteration. Being mommy is the toughest job in the world, that is documented proof. I was on medication for years for my anger when I had my 3rd daughter. I was never physically abusive, but I was not good. I yelled too much. There are ways around it. I got so sick of hearing 'choose your battles', but it's true. If they're just simply being butts because they are housebound, crank up the music. My girls and I have actually dropped our forks in the middle of dinner to jump up and dance one time. It releives stress, makes them giggle and creates some fun stories for later. You could also create a 'yes' jar. write a dozen or things for them to do on strips of paper that you just never say no to. When your having a 'no' day tell them to go pick from the 'yes' jar. The items can be as simple as 'yes, you may dance to a song' or as cool as 'yes, you may get out a sheet and make a couch fort', or as involved as 'yes, you may help me make dinner'. Kids crave the approval of you, and attention. When they get neither, it will hit the fan. Have fun, it will get better.

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2/24/11 9:55 A

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I feel the same way. I have two precious energetic girls, 7 and almost 5. There are days when I just lose it and am not the mom they deserve. I am trying to breathe more to help with my frustration, but sometimes it's just really hard. I think that it's important for all moms to take care of themselves and not feel guilty to take a break to recharge as that makes us better parents.

We are here for you.

Live long and prosper

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7/23/10 5:05 P

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I am a mom of two girls who are full of energy and there are days when I feel like a horrible mom too. It's okay, nobody's perfect and you should forgive yourself. There are some great books on this subject. The one I used to have is called "She's about to blow" (i think)! There's another funny one called "I used to be a great mom before I had kids". It will get easier as they get older. The mantra I use is "This too shall pass". Give yourself a break and try to give yourself some "me" time. It's really important and will make you a better mom....I wish you luck and you will get through...

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4/13/10 11:07 A

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Hi I am new to this group not to SP. I 29 years old. I have 2 lil boys 6 and 4. I work FT. I have somehow changed my parenting style over the last few years I feel horrible for the way I treat my children. My husband was a US Marine and has always been hard on the boy's. We use to fight all the time cause I was to nice and he was to strict. Now he says I'm worse than he is. I yell and scream at the children. I say things I should not say. I say no all day long. I feel like a horrible parent. I am also Diabetic when my sugars are high I am mean, when their low I'm mean too. I love my lil guy's. I have really sweet lil boy's they are just full of energy and rambunctious. I need to change my way's before they grow up and resent me for being so mean. My hubby might be going over sea's and I would be alone for a lil over a year. Want to be the best mom I can be for my boy's! I feel like they deserve more.

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