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I am posting this with permission from MRSHONEYC. MRSHONEYC is the leader of the SP class for when I started on this journey and she is awesome. She had these words for my class team and I asked if I could pass them on because she has a lot of info in here that I thought was great. Thanks MRSHONEYC!

I sent this out to my team this morning and thought it would be appropriate to post here as well.

Yes, the holidays ARE upon us! The temptations of cookies, pies, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, turkey, ham, Christmas candies .... OH MY!


We're ALL going to be over on sodium, calories and carbs! One great way to keep track is to use that Nutrition Tracker that SP provides. If you're not tracking YOU NEED TO BE. Add Sodium as a nutrient to track - the range needs to be 1,000 - 2,400 mg, not 0-2,300. At the very least you can look back and see how what you've eaten for the next 6 weeks changed your weight, measurements, how your clothes feel and WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO DIFFERENTLY.


This also marks the time that we 'decide' to make healthier changes - to start eating 'right', to get exercise and water in.


Resolutions. Hm. Personally, I don't 'believe' in making a resolution, because like a promise or a rule, they are VERY easily broken.


Instead of making a promise to yourself that you're 'going to' make changes, DO IT. Plan out what it is you want to accomplish. Well, DUH, we want to lose weight! Hello? How are you going to MAKE IT HAPPEN? Wishful thinking doesn't work. Those pills or fad diets, don't work. WHAT are YOU GOING TO DO?!?!

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I would say, make SMALL changes that you are in control of.

How much water are you drinking every day? Four cups? Five? You've got to get in at LEAST 8, eight ounce cups. That's half a gallon, 64 ounces. IN ORDER TO LOSE WEIGHT it IS suggested that you get in HALF your weight in ounces of water every day. NO, you will not get 'water intoxication'! That is a RARE thing, and you've got to drink like 3 gallons of water in like 20 minutes for that to happen! I don't think ANYONE can drink 3 gallons of ANYthing in 20 minutes!

The biggest excuse I've heard of for not drinking water: "I don't like the taste of water." HELLOOOOO! Water should NOT 'taste' like ANYTHING. If you're using tap water and it tastes like dirt or rust, get a britta or some kind of water purification thing! I do not suggest that anyone drinks bottled water - to me, that stuff tastes like plastic. YUCK. Of course, if you're on well water or the water IS just horrible, they've got the refillable gallons you can get at WalMart - and guess what? They don't have this huge tanker hooked up to those machines - the water is coming from the city supply!


Another change you are in control of is how much you put on your plate. A great 'trick' is to use a smaller plate! You can fill that baby and STILL be getting in less than the dinner size plate, but you've tricked your eyes into believing that you're getting 'more'. So, now you've got this plate HEAPED with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, turkey and some sweet potato pie topping it off. Um, why? OH YEAH, because it's the HOLIDAYS and that is 'what we do'. There is NO need for us to become gluttons just because it's a holiday. What a cop out. What an excuse. Eat half of what you've piled on that plate and I guarantee you'll be satisfied! Better yet, make enough for your meal and have NO leftovers! Okay, I will have leftover turkey, but I get that de boned, then freeze it for my 'turkey and gravy over biscuits' for a meal IN THE FUTURE, not leaving it in the fridge for easy pickings.

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If you're cooking, don't succumb to the notion that everything must be tasted while you're cooking. Grab your water cup and drink some water instead of taste testing! You'll be surprised how those calories add up from 'just a taste' here and there!

Appetizers can be GREAT, but again, in moderation. Watch out for the hidden salts/sugars in those natural state veggies as well! Do you know that 1 medium stalk of celery has 35 mg sodium???? Or that a medium carrot has almost 30 calories, 7 carbs? If you're counting, how many carrots or celery sticks do you TYPICALLY munch down on prior to eating your main meal? I'll bet that it's not 'just one'! And I'll venture to guess that you use a dip ... now lets NOT even go there!!! Then of course we've got deviled eggs, ciders, pre-dinner drinks ...
Do you know what the definition of 'appetizer' is? Something that stimulates a desire for more.
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Okay, so we're on to the main meal. Hopefully there will be lots of commradarie and talking going on, but the problem with that is that we 'forget' that we're eating and tend to keep going even when we're actually satisfied. Do you know your trigger feeling for your 'satisfied' belly? Most people don't. Someone on the team actually said that when you have that 'sigh' feeling, that you're belly is full. Well, we're busy talking and stuffing ourselves tighter than that turkey was and we lean back, breath in deeply, some will belch and what then? We dig back in for seconds or thirds! YIKES! Lean back, but SCOOT your chair back as well! Stop that elbow exercise and just SIT BACK, drinking your water, keeping up with conversation. No one said that you had to be uncomfortable and unbutton those pants! Besides, "I" don't want to see what's inside everyones britches - do you?!?!

So, dinner is done. Chances are YOU are the host/hostess, so it's up to you to clear the table. Ooooooh - little slivers of turkey/ham that didn't get eaten ... AH! AH! AH! You do NOT need to nibble on that! Pack it up for a sandwich tomorrow! Put up your 'left overs' as meals for another day and FREEZE THEM. Okay, some things won't freeze, or you just don't have room - package them up for some of your guests! Yeah, you'd better invest in some paper/plastic plates or if you can find them, those cool styrofoam boxes. But the point is, out of sight, out of mind! So clean up your main meal foods! Besides, now you're moving, so you're 'exercising'! emoticon
(sorry, that's the only icon I can find sort of suitable for that part! LOL)
So everyone's sitting around the living room now, sort of comatose from the trypotan in the turkey and over abunance of carb inhalation. And NOW they want DESSERT?!?!
Chocolate Cream Pie, Sugar Cookies, Fudge ... what MORE can we stuff into these bellies!?!?!
So, you see, I can't be TOO far off. I may be exaggerating a LITTLE, but the point is, if you're going to have ONE holiday meal at ONE house, that is one thing, but if you're visiting relatives and you're 'dinner jumping' from one to the next, you're GOING to be doing some SERIOUS DAMAGE. AND, again, this is a SIX WEEK LONG PROCESS!
NO WONDER we have to come up with the 'New Years Resolutions'! YIKES!
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How big is your stomach ?
An adultís stomach holds about 1 liter of food. A childís stomach holds a little bit less. Your stomach gets bigger the more you eat. A large adult can eat and drink up to 4 liters of food and liquid at one meal!

How long are the intestines ?
The small intestine is more than three times as long as the whole body ! In an adult, this is about 21 feet long. The large intestine is another 5 feet long. The whole tube from the mouth to the anus is about 30 feet long. Wow!

Do you really need to totally fill your stomach AND intestines for six weeks?

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I CHALLENGE EACH OF YOU to NOT overindulge. To be sensible, yet ENJOY the holidays. Don't say, "I'll do it tomorrow, or start next week" NO EXCUSES to be in control of the things YOU CAN be in control of! NO ONE is going to stuff a tube in your mouth and force feed you, but you may be doing that to your SELF by not paying attention to what you're doing and eating. DON'T put off till 'later' what you CAN do TODAY. STOP letting yourself be miserable. STOP harming yourself. STOP punishing and rewarding yourself with FOOD. Our body needs food for energy. NOT to 'feel better'.
Do you want to FEEL BETTER? GET UP! Take a walk! Play some boogie tunes at your gathering and GET UP AND DANCE.
You've got to MOVE IT if you want to LOSE IT!

So, have a GREAT holiday season and lets stay (mostly!) firm in the saddles! We're ALL HERE for the SAME REASON. To be HEALTHY and FIT.

~MrsHoneyC~ Team Leader, SP Class of January 6-12, 2008 AKA Honey's Busy Bees!


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