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8/10/08 12:42 P

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The entire site is working for me. Setting the goals that are attainable in the beginning was a great place to start especially the water. Also tracking the food and now really trying to get the balance between carbs and protein. Also the receipts are really good to look at eating something new. I think the hardest thing for me is that I have been really good about doing all the things I am suppose to and I still have only lost 3 labs. This is the most difficult thing, but I understand that 3 lbs in 5 weeks is a good thing because I know I will never put them back on. I feel really good physically and mentally and that is the best part.

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8/10/08 11:00 A

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as much as i love this site, and all the rescources it provides i am finding it hard to stay accountable, but i think that is becasue i have had alot on my mind and now it's time to re-commit, for sure, and i agree strengh training is super difficult for me, mainly because i am supre weak and some exersizes being the wt i am make it harder to do them.

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8/9/08 8:00 A

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i agree with the strength training being the hardest part, and I don't really know why. Its not that hard to do, I just seem to put it off! Its one of my goals for the week to get going on it!


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I've changed my ticker to mark off my 3nd goal - 75lbs!

My goal for is to reach 40 pounds lost!

I also have a goal of walking 100 miles this month

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8/8/08 3:34 P

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I really like keeping track of my food everyday. When I first started out, I found that I was pretty good in dividing my food up between protein, fats and carbs as shown on the chart, but my portion sizes were too big and I was taking in too many calories. I've really cut back on the amount of food I've eaten and found that I'm actually satisfied on smaller portions and I don't deal with that stuffed feeling soon after eating. I also like seeing how certain foods will effect my numbers before I eat it and then I can tweak it if needed.

My hard part is the exercising. I mostly do walking in the evening with my son, but I don't do anything else until he goes to bed as I want that time between work and his bedtime spent with him. And I don't walk every night as I would like to play with him som evenings instead of pushing him in a stroller which puts him to sleep. Then once I do get him in bed, I'm eating dinner, packing lunch for the next day, picking up things laying around, checking the mail, cleaning up the kitchen, washing baby bottles, checking my Spark stuff, taking a shower, etc. and I don't end up getting to bed until 10:30/11:00pm and I get up around 5:30 for work the next morning, so I don't want to be up late and I don't have time to get up earlier to exercise, nor do I want to as I would never be able to do that (you don't want to see me in the morning....I'm not a morning person at all). My DH is on opposite schedules as I am at the moment because he's in school, working full-time and we're avoiding using a babysitter. He watches our son during the day and I watch him in the evening.

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8/8/08 11:53 A

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I feel the same about SP website. It's a great anonymous way to stay accountable and a way to connect with other people with your same lifestyle goals. Most the people in my family are happy for me but don't really care to discuss it and think about it as much as I currently do. So thank you SP!!!!

as for my hardest part... it is definitely the strength part... just because I love Turbo Jam so much and enjoy cardio workouts. I'm have TurboJam, The Firm, and tony horton 10 minute trainer.... and absolutely love my DVD workouts...

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8/8/08 10:53 A

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I am so grateful for Spark. So many things are working well for me. Checking in every day (was) is the motivation I needed to keep me on track. I bought a scale and am weighing/measuring my food. I hate it when I don't drink 8 glasses of water. I start back to work on the 18th (I am a special ed teacher) and have started cooking and freezing stuff for easy grab lunches.

For me the hardest part has been doing the strength exercises. I am generally meeting my 30 minutes of aerobic activity 5 times a week. I live/work in a rural setting (35 min to the closest gym). I actually like the exercises set up by Spark - I just seem to leave it to the end of the day.

So what has been working for you? What have you struggled with?


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