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12/14/09 6:37 P

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I also agree with the ideas of therapy and/or support groups. Another possibility is to call your local crisis hotline, for someone to talk to who will be a good listener and may be able to direct you to support groups that would be appropriate for you.
And, of course you can always post here too for support.
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12/13/09 7:27 P

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Are you in counseling to deal with the sexual assault? I have a friend that was assaulted about one year ago. She went thru several months of therapy right after the assault with someone that works with the womens center here. Now she is in therapy with a regular psychotherapy to deal with other issues.


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12/13/09 6:05 P

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Okay, first I have to quote the legendary Richard Pryor: "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem." It is SO true. You WILL get thru this. And you may feel like your parents don't care, but I really bet they do. I know that when I went thru a terrible depression some of the closest people to me avoided me, because they didn't know how to help me and felt helpless. Maybe there is something like that going on with you and your family. If you don't have friends who can help you thru this tough time (and that's all it is, is a really tough time) then find a support group. Hospitals have them or can help you find one. Don't be ashamed to find people going thru the same thing you are. Then find what you love to do, even if it is by yourself, something that will make you smile. For me, it was stand up comedy! I know, it sounds silly, but it was something that made me laugh. And I watched as much as I could. If you don't have something that makes you smile, then try that, that's what comedians are here for, to make us laugh!

I'm not a religious person, nor am I a trained doctor or counselor or anything. But I want you to know there is always someone out there to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. Even if a complete stranger. Don't give up. And there is no rule that says you have to feel all warm and cozy during the Christmas season, just remember that you will feel that way again! It just takes time. Go easy on yourself.

Sending you strength and support this holiday season...Jen. emoticon

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12/13/09 4:38 P

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I just got back from church and in the sermon that the guest pastor gave today, he said we are not supposed to be grumpy during christmas...ok I am so sorrry...Why cant I be grumpy? really it is more anger, frustration and depression that I am feeling...Why not? I have reason to be, all I can think about is that jerk and how he sexually assaulted me...I would just love to get over it and be happy again, but that doesnt seem to be happening...I just about started crying in church well actually I did start I am mad at my friend because I told him how I am feeling and he still just brought me home and left me feeling this way...We had an argument and at this point I dont want to talk to him if he calls...I am just so tired of feeling like this and being alone...I am tired of not having anyone who really cares...I am so mad because I thought he cared...but there doesnt seem to be anyone around right now...well my parents are here but they dont seem to care...I just dont know what to do anymore...all I want is to die...I think this is the worst my depression has ever been, yes I have been so depressed that I have attempted suicide, but right now I am so depressed that I am not hungry and dont want to eat...I am crying more and all I want to do anymore is was hard for me to get up and go to church...that is another thing I dont want to go out because I am scared of being attacked again...during church it was all I could do to not run out during the church...especially after being told that I was not supposed to be grumpy during the holidays...grrr...I am really losing my mind, I cant handle this now...I just want to die..I cant take this anymore...sorry..please dont worry about me...I need to be alright, I need to make it...sigh...sorry I just needed to vent...thanks for letting me vent...I just dont know if I am going to make it through this christmas season...big warm angel hugs

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