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11/23/13 7:27 P

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Hi everyone, Thanks for all of the encouragement!

ONMYMEDS: I live on the flat, east side of Rapid City, out in the plains. So what it misses in beauty, it gains in being a good place for me to start back into running b/c it's flat. Then, in a couple of years when we buy a house on the west side of town closer to the Black Hills, I will be in better shape again and ready to tackle the hills! :)

ON2VICTORY: Sorry to hear you're struggling with a troublesome foot/ankle! I've been reading your blogs and cheering you on with these new challenges you've taken on over the past year+ ...what a long way you've come! Still inspiring the rest of us, for sure. I appreciate your words of encouragement, especially saying that I am still that strong, determined, capable person today that I was back then....I miss that girl and don't always feel her inside me, though I imagine that she is still there and just waiting for me to bring her out again :)

LOGOULD: Sorry to hear that you, too, have experienced and injury that stopped your running, but glad to hear you are still sticking with it on whatever level that you can. Hearing those stories does give me hope that there's a way to push past the obstacle and continue on the path to success, even if temporarily slowed. Thank you for sharing that!

Thanks again everyone for stepping up to encourage me as I try to get back on track, it really means a lot to me and helps more than you can imagine! :)

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11/22/13 11:28 P

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Welcome back. Like Robert said, life happens, to all of us sooner or later. I'm coming back from injury to and although I only quit running completely for 3 months, my training for this whole past year had been WAY OFF. I'm using this winter to rebuild in a safe and healthy way. Hoping to run a full this next fall, but add they say, the journey of a thousand miles (or even 13.1 miles) begins with a single step.

"Success is the result of what you do when the Woo Hoo is all through....."-ON2VICTORY (Robert)

"The miracle isn't that I finished...the miracle is I had the courage to start." - John 'The Penguin

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11/22/13 11:01 P

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There is no feeling I have felt quite like running. (Sex is still better, but its different, right?) SOmetimes I feel like I have done something I always doubted I could do. You know those people out there on Christmas day running? I used to wonder why they weren't at home with their families.

Now I'm one of them.

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you will be doing the impossible -- St Francis of Assisi

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11/22/13 7:50 P

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Hi Erika, So glad to see you back. I don't think there is a person here that has been running for any length of time that has not experienced something similar. Life just has a way of throwing a wrench in the works. The fact that we are the half marathon group is mostly just a matter of titles. We are runners first and foremost and we can relate (myself included)

I myself am currently rehabbing a very cranky left foot / ankle. I finished a 70.3 mile triathlon in August, the proceeded to do 2 half marathons a month apart.. basically August, September, and October were all major events.


Now I am paying for it.

Anyway, long story short, it's never too late to pick up the pieces and begin again, to start slowly rebuilding a running base. Remember to be patient with yourself, you are that strong, determined, capable person today that you were back then.

Take lots of walk breaks and keep your pace conversational (meaning the pace you are run/walking you can sing the Brady Bunch theme without gasping or struggling) Your endurance will come.


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11/22/13 5:14 P

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Lots of hills in Rapid City. Great place for hill training, but be careful. Happy to hear you are getting back to it. Best of luck!!

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11/22/13 4:49 P

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It's been two years since I was training for my first half marathon and injured my hip in an uphill race...and quit. Just like that. I let the frustration and disappointment get to me and never went back. Then life got crazy...I moved from Tucson to Denver for 8 months, then on to Rapid City, SD where I live now, due to my boyfriend's job. It's been a crazy year of getting us settled in here and trying to find satisfying work for me (still a struggle with the work thing) but now it's time to focus on me again.

I loved running. I felt strong, capable and determined for the first time in my life. Nothing has ever compared to the feeling I had inside when I completed my first 5k and crossed that finish line.

I want that feeling again. So here I am. I am starting slow and am nowhere near training for a half at this point so I'm starting back at c25k; but this is the group that was so helpful to and supportive of me when I was running before... so even though it's not currently a half I am training for, that is the eventual goal, so I'd like to rejoin this group and start moving forward again.

Thanks for listening,

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