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1/4/13 9:46 P

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Hi! Congrats for signing up for your first half! I haven't read all of the responses, but the ones I have read all have great suggestions. I just wanted to congratulate you and encourage you to just keep training and keep your head up! You've got plenty of time to condition yourself, just just keep plugging along!

1/3/13 11:29 P

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Do you have a running club or running store near you? Sign up for a training program.

Most 12 week plans take you from three miles and gradually week by week advance you to 13 or 14 miles. And here is another thing, most races have very generous time allowance. You can almost walk most of them. 3:30 for a 13.1 miles is 3.7 miles per hour. That's a brisk walk.

You can do this. emoticon

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1/3/13 6:56 P

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I signed up for my half 4/28 and have been out of running for a while so I am starting back out with just building up to running 3 miles comfortably. You have time, I think to do this. If you find you are having trouble, look int the Galloway method and that will certainly get you through! Most plans I have seen add a mile a week. Not all go up to 13 at the end, the premise is adrenaline will carry you. Some only go to 10 miles for the longst run.

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1/3/13 4:01 P

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So much depends on where you are now and how fast your body adapts. In Oct 2012, I signed up for my first Half to take place next month, Feb 2013

At the time, I could only run 3 miles at a 15 min pace. Since then, I have discovered a resilience to the longer distances, and thank goodness, I speed up as I go.

My event has a 4 hour cut-off, and I plan to use a run/walk combo. To my great joy, I can now walk at a 14:30 pace, and run up to a mile at a steady 13:30 pace, so I feel confident that I can make it and avoid as you put it "the shame van"

My point is, is very slow me can do it, you probably can too. Be careful when you start. Start easy (that 1,5 incline sounds brutal), and really listen to your body.

If you have never done so before, try to run a 10K at least a month before the Half Marathon. Chances are the 6.2 mile distance will fit your training program and you can get a feel for how your body does at that distance in race conditions.

Best of luck, welcome to the team, and please keep up posted!

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1/3/13 12:28 P

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Hello and congrats on setting a new goal. I finished my first HM last year and used forums like this and my father (he's an ultra marathoner) for advice.

A HM would double the distance you can walk easily. It's doable and the first thing I want to point out, you can walk many HM races. Definitely figure out what the timeline is to ensure that 13:45 pace you were talking about.

Do you plan on running it, walking it or a combination of the two? If you plan on running part of it, how is your running? Are you new to running or do you have any type of base? Other big item, train like you are going to execute your race. This includes clothing and accessories. Try and run in what you will run in during the May timeframe and if you are going to use water belts use them during this training period. Lastly, it's your first HM and you've chosen to become part of an elite club. Plenty of people aren't even willing to walk 6 miles at one time in life. Congrats on that. You've already won and based of that, I would recommend your goal be to finish your first race injury free and if that means walk it then walk it. Don't worry about PRs. That's for your follow on's if you decide you like this journey.

Easiest thing is to get a trainging plan and there are several out there: Hal Higdon, McMillian, Jeff Galloway. All will give you plenty of informaiton so browse their sights and find one that works for you. I'm blending a couple of people. Hal Higdon's 12 week plan (3-4 days running tops and it doesn't go over 10 miles), with Jeff Galloway's run/walk for the long runs which I use as an interval element to my training and I even have some other speed workouts from McMilian Running. Is there any groups around the area you can join or would want to join? Like I said, lots of stuff.

As for January, continue to do what you do. I would recommend a 3 miles run base (if you plan on running it). In the Navy, when we train and run on a treadmill we utilize a 1.0 incline not a 1.5. We've even run marathons on them while deployed so don't feel like 1.5 is the magical number.

Biggest thing is to get the routine of working out (cardio, strength) and time blocks set in your schedule during January. The rest of the timeframe will go by very quickly.

Good luck and let us know how your journey is going!

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1/3/13 12:15 P

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Are you currently a runner? What are you currently doing for fitness?

While many people believe that one can train and run 13.1 miles in less than 6 months, I am much more conservative in my philosophy. The reason, studies show that our hearts and lungs are quick to adapt to running a race of this distance, but the body's bones, muscles, connective tissue and energy system can take a solid year to develop. And as a new runner, you must allow more recovery between runs so that you lessen your risk for injuries.

I love the idea that you have a goal to run a half, I just think you may want to give yourself a little more prep time.

I wish you well! RUN SPARK STRONG!

Coach Nancy

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1/3/13 12:14 P

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Here is a good article:

Pace limits are "scary" for first distance races. It sounds like a 3 hour time limit.

13:45, to some, doesn't sound all that fast, but after 10 miles or so it can be.
Make sure this is doable for you.

How many miles are you running now? How long have you been running?
These are key questions....

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1/3/13 12:13 P

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I recommend looking into the Jeff Galloway method. Those of us who use his methods do so because it keeps our bodies from injury and wearing out, it's a really healthy way of taking care of your body parts while you are carrying extra weight, and many of us find we actually are faster by takoing regular walk breaks. There is a Jeff Galloway team on Spark People. There are probably other reasons but those are the ones that have led to my decision to use the run/walk method for life.


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1/3/13 11:56 A

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Hello! I'm new to this group.

A little bit about me: I'm over weight, I could stand to lose 50 lb, but I walk everywhere, I've walked 6 miles straight without thinking too much about it. I work at a gym so I have access to gym equipment. I'm scheduled to start my first half marathon on May 5th, 2013. I believe you have to beat a 13:45 pace to not get picked up by the shame van.

I was wondering if anyone could give any advice for training?

Most places I've seen talk about 12 week training programs which would be the first week of Feb for me. For January I was planning on focusing on continually being able to run atleast 4 miles/hour on the treadmill at a 1.5 incline, do some strength work to build muscles and maybe the stepper to help get rid of some fat accumulation.

I'm guessing some things to keep in mind are to drink a TON of water, eat plenty of bananas but I was wondering if anyone has any tips or encouragement for me?


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