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7/9/12 1:02 P

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Managed to get 6.75 miles in early Saturday morning. It was a very muggy 85 degrees at 6:30 am but I chose a shady trail and took my running camelback with me. Drank the whole thing and sweat like in a sauna but I ended the run feeling great. My pace was slower than I'd like but I completed the entire run, and that is more important than the quicker pace. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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7/9/12 9:36 A

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I have the same issue. I run at dusk with a friend so if it get a little dark, it's not a huge deal. I will do my shorter runs in the morning but it's not as enjoyable for me. After a month of running in 80plus, I do feel like it's getting better though. I don't mind the sweaty feeling anymore and I know my pace will be different.

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7/9/12 7:30 A

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I live in Florida, and this is my first summer running. You can't help feeling sluggish and weak when running in 90 degrees weather. I try to embrace the heat, knowing it was my choice to adapt to the heat when I moved here 26 years ago.

Use all the other tips which have been given to you.

For me, I just get determined to finish my run - I use willpower - don't let my mind say "no". Once I am out the door, I run - when the running is too hard, or near impossible, I walk.

I am 65 years old and this is my first year running. We old people tend to make up in determination for what we lack in strength.

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7/6/12 4:24 P

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I do early am running in the summer.

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7/6/12 2:03 P

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my dreadmill is in the garage and it's just as hot in there! I hit the pavement in the AM. it was 81 degrees at 6:30 a.m. in SE WI this morning. It wasn't easy like it is at 55, but it certainly made me feel great that I did it!

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7/6/12 11:44 A

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Thank you for the suggestions! PP mentioned not getting enough sleep, and I think that's a big problem right now. I've had a tough time getting enough hours the last few weeks. I need to do 6-7 miles this weekend and judging by the forecast I will try to do it tomorrow morning very early.

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7/6/12 7:00 A

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It's been over 100 for days and I too have adapted to running in the heat. I use all the tips others have shared, especially running very early in the morning, where it is shady. I also try to use routes where I can find water fountains and I splash water on my head, neck, arms, and legs. That really helps. I've also run through sprinklers on lawns when I find them. Good luck! I am a relatively new runner and learned to run in freezing weather, which I prefer, but I have learned this summer the pleasures of running in the heat, too. And I am convinced that my body has learned to sweat. I never used to sweat, even during a hard workout, but now I do and it feels great.

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7/5/12 7:26 P

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I do most of my runs outside, in the early AM. I live in Denver, so it is relatively cool in the early morning hours, I try to be done before 8 AM or so, which means I start by 5:30 or 6:00 on long run days. I'm just not used to running in heat, can handle cold much more easily.

Unfortunately we have had terrible fires in Colorado, which on some days has made the air heavy and smoky depending on the wind direction. On those days I retreat to the treadmill or the rec center track. Don't want to hurt my lungs. Luckily I am still mostly outside though!

It took me time to get used to running early in the morning, but I did adjust. I don't like to put my run off till late afternoon or evening.


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7/5/12 1:07 P

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Run early, run slower, carry plenty of cold water, and...

if you can't finish your run, break it up into two runs. If you run half in the morning and half in the evening (or three quarters in the morning and one quarter in the evening, or however you choose to break it up), it is just as good as running it all at once.

You can also run most of it outside and then finish it off inside on the treadmill.

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7/5/12 1:03 P

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I feel your pain! Here in StL, the highs have been mostly in the mid-100s for over a week. I run in the mornings, lately even earlier than usual. This AM when my alarm went off at 5:30 it was already/still 86 degrees. UGH! I thought about not going, but decided to do my workout and not worry about pace. So I ran very slow, but I did my workout and it wasn't that bad. If mornings are really not your time, you def need to run slowly in the heat of the day. You are SUPPOSED to slow down when it is hot. You will still get stronger and when it cools off you will see those gains. My only recommendation for not being sluggish in the AM is to get more sleep. I know, easier said than done. Whatever you decide, I would try to get in some outdoor time. If you plan to race in the spring/summer/fall, you need to be acclimated to warmer temps.

I'm sure others w/more experience will chime in, but that is my 2 cents worth. :-)


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7/5/12 12:49 P

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I live in Texas and I actually adore running in the heat versus running in the cold. Just remember that it will take about 2 weeks of running in the heat for your body to begin to acclimate to the higher temps. I do all my runs in the morning. I find that the temps are still too warm to run in the evening. Just like everything else, over time your body will adpat to running in the morning, but that does not mean when you are struggling that your body is not making changes, it is.

Make sure you are hydrated. A new study stated that carrying a cold/frozen water bottle in your hand can actually help keep you cooler. Also know that your pace will be slower and if you need to toss in some walk breaks, that's OK, too. Choose a shaded route and most definitely let someone know your running route.

Coach Nancy

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7/5/12 12:42 P

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Right now in MD the forecast is over 100 degrees for the next few days and I won't even consider running outside in that, but sometime soon I really need to get my long runs in and move more of my daily runs outside. I've tried running in the morning but lack so much energy that I often don't finish my run. If I try to run in the heat after work, my usual time to run, I can't do anything but a very slow pace run.

I miss winter, and I miss running outside.

What do you do during the summer? Do you treadmill it almost exclusively? How can I either train for the heat or convert my runs to the early morning without feeling sluggish?

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