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6/20/12 2:40 P

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I am NOT any help but wanted to say TAKE YOUR TIME. I will be at THIS race as well doing the 1/2. I did Angel so I KNOW what you are IN for with the HILLS. Plus I myself am freaking about the HEAT.

I think the best answer is to do the walk/run PERIOD let alone w/ back issues. The few times I tried Galloway I did 4:1.


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6/20/12 8:19 A

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For my full marathon I trained with the Galloway method using the run 3 minutes/walk 1 minute and it worked great! I know that may not seem like a lot of running at one time....but it really works out. I got a gym boss timer and it would just beep to tell me when to change to a walk or run so I didn't even have to really think about it.

I just knew I wouldn't be able to run the whole distance of a full this first time around....makes me appreciate all the half marathons I have run too! LOL!

Good luck to you!

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6/20/12 7:54 A

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I have no advice, just wishing you luck. I know all too well wanting to finish a race as healthfully as possible in the quest for a larger goal (half fanatic status here). If you take care and listen to your body, I have no doubt you'll do this.

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6/20/12 1:24 A

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I started run-walk when I had a back problem and couldn't run. First I walked, then when I got better I switched to run-walk. In the beginning I didn't have a timer, and that didn't really work unless I was running on a track (which I hate...LOL). NOw I have the timer and am still learning. I haven't read any of Galloway's books, but as some one else said in the Galloway Team you will get a lot of advise, just post in the Daily check-in or start a new thread. You will get lots of answers. I joined that team recently and really enjoy it, they are very active and you get lots of support there.

For me the run-walk works well, the back doesn't tighten up - I think you need to keep the walk breaks short enough - and the joints - I have RA - suffer much less. So for me it is working well. Biggest issue was getting over my ego, I felt silly starting walkbreaks from the beginning of the run. But if you want to reap the ebnefits, you have to do them consequently.

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6/20/12 12:09 A

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Yeah, I'm nervous to run the whole thing, but I'm nervous to run-walk because I don't know if my back will tighten up when I transition from run to walk and back (that happened in March when I had to miss a different race). And with the heat and hills and my recent running drought, I'm definitely going to be taking it easy. This is not a PR type of race. It's an experience race where the goal is to finish.

I've seen 3 chiropractors and I know my back is back in alignment and I've gotten the tight muscles in my legs worked on and I'm feeling much better and am definitely on the road to recovery, but I'm not all the way back, yet. I've been able to jog a few steps without my back tightening up, so I think I'm good, but I haven't run for any kind of real distance of more than 50 feet.

But, my back is still stiff/sore enough that I want to go for a couple of runs just to test it out and stretch out my legs a little so that I'm not running cold on Saturday, but at the same time I feel like I need to rest for the rest of the week to let my back heal up as much as possible before the race and I'm nervous that if I try to test out my back before then and it tightens up again, I won't be able to run at all on Saturday and I'd rather run cold than not at all. Then again, I don't want to run cold on Saturday without testing it out or getting it ready to run again and have it tighten up during the race and not be able to finish... Heck, i'm not sure what's going to happen if it tightens up so much that I can't finish. being out the middle of nowhere, I may end up having to walk to rest of it course in the heat. Ugh...

So, yeah. I'm definitely not going to run too fast. And as long as my back holds up, I think my base training will be enough to get me through. I just need to pay very close attention to my body and hydration and cooling.

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6/19/12 10:01 P

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I think the Galloway method is a fine method, HOWEVER, just like everything else we do, if you have not practiced using this method I do believe you can set yourself up for a potential injury as many who are not accustomed to using this method tend to run the running segments much too fast.

I think with your history you should be OK, but know that with the weather condition and the lack of preparedness this race is one to finish not to race. Listen to your body and see where it takes you.

Coach Nancy

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6/19/12 8:51 P

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I'll send you a sp mail when I finish my set of night shifts. I want to make sure I got my brain unscrambled before answering... If you don't hear from me, send me a goodie or a sp mail to remind me..ok?

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6/19/12 1:56 P

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Thanks! I will do that. This forum seems a little empty, lately, anyway.

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6/19/12 1:23 P

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i would suggest you ask this question on the galloway team, because they have more people more familiar with the actual effective run/walk ratios. good luck.

6/19/12 1:18 P

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Okay, so my last half marathon I ran was when I ran two races in two days on April 21 & 22. In the 8 weeks since that race, I've missed a lot of runs.

April 22 - 28 - Sun (13.1), W (2), Th (3)
April 28 - May 5 - NONE
May 6 - 12 - M (4), T (2), W (3), Th (4), Sat (3)
May 13 - 19 - T (4)
May 20 - 26 - T (4), W (2), Th (4)
May 27 - Jun 2 - Sun (7), T (5), W (5)
Jun 3 - 9 - Sun (6), T (3), W (3)
Jun 10 - 16 - NONE
Jun 17 - 23 - None so far

After typing this up, I see I've run a little more than I thought, but there are are bunch of incomplete weeks and at two full rest weeks, plus I haven't done any runs since my race over 7 miles. I've done only four runs of 5 miles or more and they were all between May 27 and June 3.

I haven't run at all since I hurt my back which means I haven't run at all since Wed Jun 6.

But, this is my last half marathon I have scheduled for the year. After this I am going to back off and make sure I get my back healthy and focus on strength training and shorter speed work and skip races in favor of doing some other activities like hiking and the possibly the Tough Mudder in Oct and maybe a Ragnar in Nov or next year.

That being said, I want to do this race on Saturday. It'll be the fourth race I'll have done in a year and I'll be completing the Calico "Half Slam" (which this is the only race that I can use to complete), so I really want to finish it. But, with my current state of fitness I know I should plan to not to run the whole thing. It's got rolling hills and the weather will start out around 85 degrees at the 6:30am start time and probably peak in the 100's by the time I finish. I will be wearing my 70oz camelbak for this race.

So, I'm thinking I should try some sort of Galloway type of run/walk ratio. My usual training pace is around 9:30-10 min/miles. I was thinking of running the race in mile increments; running for 9 minutes and then walking for 2, or something like that. I'm sure my base fitness level from the last 2 years of running should mean I'm still capable of finishing this race despite my lack or recent running. However, I'm not sure how my back will hold up. It tends to tighten up when I stop running and start walking. I'm hoping I'm past that point by Saturday so that I will at least be able to transition from running to walking and back without any back issues. If I do have issues, then I'll end up having to walk the whole thing in 100 degree heat which does NOT sound like fun. (yet, somehow, running in 100 degree hit sounds okay?)

Anyway, any suggestions on how I can make this work would be much appreciated. I usually run all my races with no walk breaks, or at the most I walk the water stations while drinking, so I don't have any real experience with run-walking. If this wasn't my last race and I didn't have a "Half Slam" at stake, I would be more likely to consider not running it.

Thanks, all!

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