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9/10/16 11:57 A

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Medications really can interfere with processing (I have to watch tegretol as it can slow things down, and others I have talked to say the same). Combinations of meds also can have side effects. I'm all for what helps, but it's imperative to monitor side effects. Even when I had prednisone for a bee sting I had side effects with the other meds, so try to remember - it's not you, it's probably side effects! I juggle my meds all the time. Best I can get is "they mostly work" but that's better than blaming myself. Hang in there!

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9/1/16 11:11 A

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I was on this old depression med when I was in college and I couldn't even focus. I could read a paragraph and by the end of it I forgot what was at the beginning. I couldn't study like that, so they put me on lithium and tegretol. Ever since I've been on meds my memory is getting worse and worse. Geo doesn't understand and thinks that I'm forgetting things on purpose. I can't drive, so I don't have to worry about that. I have a permit so I can drive with someone, but I'm very spacey since meds and get confused easily. One time I was supposed to drive instead of putting my foot on the brake to start the car, I had my foot on the brake instead. The car didn't go anywhere when I tried to drive home and I was REALLY nervous- there were cops right next to me and so I freaked out and walked home (less than a mile) and left the car there. I think that's a good enough to show that I shouldn't drive. But we have a car and Geo can drive or I can take the bus. *hugs* I hope you can find a better set of meds where you don't feel this way.

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8/31/16 10:19 A

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I'm sorry to hear all that. It sounds like you're really in a worst case scenario. emoticon I hope everything gets worked out sooner than later. Stay safe!! emoticon emoticon


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8/31/16 10:13 A

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I have been felt dumb in my words and thoughts for several years now and I can attribute it to my medications. It is horrible when I look back upon my previous years and see how intelligent I was. It has gotten better. The Risperidone I was on recently had me so bad that I couldn't remember events or things I did 30 seconds ago. It was rather scary.

It's hard when your medications make you feel less than a person. It's hard sometimes to justify the use of them when you feel so handicapped by them. I don't have any tips so an understanding hug being sent your way.

Many times these past 2 months I've had to be put on driving restriction for 4-5 days at a time due to being too manic to drive safely or medication side-effects. I'd rather not drive than put someone else's life at risk, even having the potential of causing a death. So, be proud of the fact that you are saving lives right now by not driving. I started to find the positive in the not driving by walking to the grocery store, Mexican restaurant, and park. I was getting more active and excited to have a destination to do something still that day.

It is wonderful that you don't have a job right now and have your parents available to help you. Take advantage of this and try to look at it as a time to rejuvenate and bring in some more coping skills for when this passes because it will. Hugs!

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8/30/16 11:48 P

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I have been having progressive issues with speech, typing, and spacial control. It takes me a few tries to get through a few thoughts. All under the heading of: Deteriorating Cognitive Abilities.

I was having lots of trouble focusing on more than one thing in a quiet and calm room. She asked about driving and I had to tell her that I had a few times that I could not tell the gas pedal from the brake. Also how driving in traffic was a very, very stressful thing. Her response: No driving till the Zyprexa is at a therapeutic level and the Geodon dose down more. Also known as I need to stay with my parents until more stable. So I will need a chaperone.

Anyway, the doc is slowly titrating me off of Geodon and adding in Zyprexa over the next few days. She thinks that my symptoms are from the Geodon and not the Lithium, but she had me do a blood test for the drug.

To say the least: right now life could be better. It is a good thing that I am not currently working. Once the next job comes in I hope to be stable again.

I hate these meds. I am tired of taking them and even more tired of not having things that work.

Anyway, now that this has taken me a half hour to type I am off to take yet more meds and head off to sleep.

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