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8/7/16 1:16 P

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I used to write a journal daily every day on Daily Strength. Before the move to the new server, I could look back at the sidebar and it would show every journal I had written by month. I would just click on the month and see every journal I wrote that month. I loved it since if I was feeling a certain way, I could look back at previous years and see if it was a trend. 2 years in a row I went to the hospital on the exact same days and got out on the exact same day (March 29-April 5). Geo knows my moods well and knows when something is coming, but I am the last to know. I never know what's going on with myself unless I journal. And now Daily Strength is on a new, crappy server and I don't know what to do. I have over 1,500 journals on that site and I don't want to give it up, but I don't like the new site. *sigh* Sorry, depressed today.

~Rissa, AKA Diane

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7/31/16 9:34 P

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I too have trouble making that distinction between the swings and my "normal" me. I don't really know that there is a normal me at this point.

I write on my blog--the one on Blogger, not the one on here--and it seems to keep me grounded and able to differentiate between helpful and unhelpful thinking. Since I write in it every day it lets me know how I am doing. I haven't had a real low while I have been writing, so I don't know if that will change the every day thing or not.

I also have extreme creativity on either side of the swing. I tend to go on massive crafting projects that have to be redone after I am no longer manic. I really get into the craft but hardly ever do good work on it while manic. The exception to this is when I am writing short stories or my book. A normal day of writing gets me 2000 words. While manic that ups it to 10000 words a day--quite a difference. And the writing does the same thing when I am really depressed, just that I am slow to get it on paper/screen.

And I tend to ramble at any point along the swing, in case you haven't noticed.

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7/31/16 9:25 P

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To be honest, I don't really know who I am without my "illness". I think when I'm normal, I enjoy, reading, hiking, singing, and dancing. And yet, lately I feel more like the hiking, singing and dancing is more of a manic thing while the reading is more correlated to depression. I do know that I am more artistic when I'm at either extreme.

Funny thing about journaling, I try, and never succeed for very long. I do kind of rely on other to know what is me and what isn't even if I can't always identify it myself.


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7/31/16 10:04 A

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I was rummaging around looking for a topic for the week and I came across this article detailing six ways to distinguish between yourself and your illness. These are some good ideas for helping you to get to know what is you and what is your illness talking. Do you have some other good ideas for distinguishing what your illness is and what is you? How do you keep yourself grounded ?How do you manage your illness? I know that I need all the tips that I can get.

I keep a diary to help me distinguish between mood swings and escalations as they happen. It helps me to cope on a day to day basis and to map my disorder for my psychiatrist if I need extra help with managing my bipolarness. It is also a good place to discuss medications and medication changes with myself. I list any side effects that I am feeling due to a medication readjustment or addition of a new medication. My diary is much more than a collection of day to day activities. It is a map of my activities of daily living and all that entails.

I hope that you all have a great week and welcome to a new month !! Let's make it a great one !! This is our first weekly topic for August, so I am looking forward to seeing all that you have to say!

Take care and God bless, Deb

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