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9/24/16 11:25 P

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Stress is a major trigger for me, along with a messy house (which doesn't mean I'll clean, just that I'll swing), and my routines being out of whack. These usually cause a depression, though, not a manic. New things in my life cause manics, i.e. when I first discovered FaceBook and SparkPeople. Going to places where I have to interact with people or drive on a busy road or giving my son driving lessons causes anxiety. Having my routines interrupted also causes anxiety, so does dealing with my soon to be ex.

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8/21/16 9:06 P

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When I have the luxury of feeling well enough to leave the house for an afternoon with a friend, I'm hopeful that my son will have taken the dog out by the time I get home ...

Expectation: When I get home, I don't know if the dog is jumping because she's happy to see me or because she's desperate get out. Unfortunately, it's the latter.

Judgement: I judge my son as irresponsible, lazy and disrespectful and feel guilty for my poor little dog that I left alone and never should have because my son is irresponsible....

Result: I feel emotionally exhausted, drained, defeated, disrespected, and the next five days become a total write-off in bed.

If I'm well enough to get out, I'm well enough to verbally communicative. I ask my son's work schedule before accepting an invitation and if he would care for the dog while I'm out. I feel at ease because I know the little one is well-cared for. However, if I get home and he didn't take her out I judge myself for having not known better, etc.. Vicious circle ... I'm out for a week! Honest. I'm working on it. :) What do you do?

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6/26/16 4:42 P

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Being around people. Disagreements. My husband when he won't let go. To name a few.

6/26/16 4:18 P

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Sounds like all of us have similar triggers. Crowds are a trigger for me also. As well as having any type of disagreement with anyone. Not getting enough sleep. Not keeping a regular eating schedule. Missing my meds. And of all things... Talking on the phone. The texting craze has been a saving grace for me.


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6/26/16 3:44 P

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My triggers are similar to both of yours. If my routine is disrupted I will go manic. If I am in a place with too many people - Walmart at Christmas - in too small a space. Driving on the freeway I have lots of trouble not having a panic attack every time I am on the freeway. I can drive in town, but not down town or on the freeway. That is hard to do for me when my son is getting ready to buy a house in Vancouver, Wa. That is over the 205 bridge and I hate bridges too. But if I want to see my grandkids, I will have to drive over there from Portland. They will only be about 15 minutes away from me. You would think that it would be easy for me to drive on the freeway and on the bridges around here, but it is not. I will go manic every time anyone of these things happens. I do rapid cycling too - especially when I've tried to drive on the freeway. Those are a few of my triggers. I am happy to say that I haven't had a huge manic episode in over 2 years, so that's a win!! Take care and God bless, Deb

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6/26/16 2:16 P

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I can relate to many of your triggers. I need my sleep, if I don't get it I can easily start down that slippery slope to mania. I like to have a routine myself, keep busy in the morning with chores spend afternoons working on my quilting and sewing. A walk everyday. Having difficult financial dealings also set me off. I don't do a lot of shopping, I am retired on a limited tight budget. If something goes amiss and I have trouble paying a bill it throws me into a panic/manic episode. My recent move from FL to CA was quite stressful and I was on the edge of mania. I worked very hard to keep from falling over the edge. I moved here to be near my Daughter and Grandchildren. I love being near them but have to back away sometimes from their hectic high energy lifestyles. I'm still adjusting to being around them so much, unlike before when I saw them once or twice a year. I do not take any medication due to physical health issues of taking it for a long period of time. I feel very much in control but must pay attention to stay that way. Thanks for bringing up this topic, very interesting.


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6/26/16 1:49 P

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I just read this article and thought it would be a great discussion to have. It's about managing our triggers. So I ask you, what are your triggers?

For me, my triggers are:
- Not getting into bed around 10 PM. I wake up naturally between 6-7 AM so I think it's my bodies way of getting in the right amount of sleep.

- Too much to do. This one is tricky because I'm the one who makes the long to-do list and yet if I don't make the list I feel aimless.

- Not taking my medication; notice a huge difference on day 2.

- Any amount of caffeine after 12 PM. It affects my sleep and energy level to the point of causing hypo.

- Too much stress. I seem to be very sensitive to it.

- Not having a consistent rhythm in my day/week. I seem to survive on this.

- Not being organized personally or with the house. It drives me crazy. I start to feel overwhelmed and have a hard time focusing.

- Too much social activity.

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