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11/19/14 9:49 P

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I never was a drinker. I would rather a diet coke than a glass of wine...on rare occasions I do have wine now...
I was taking Provigil during the day to stay awake during the day and my P doc said to try and cut it out...I don't think that's working...mixing bipolar in with MS is a weird combo....I wish there was something that would take me out of the winter holiday depression...

so glad you talked with your husband...and I hope that communication is important...

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11/19/14 10:50 A

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I occasionally have a glass of wine with a meal, when I'm out socially (which doesn't happen very often) or just to relax (like Sunday evening after my 5 yr old grand daughter left after spending the weekend). I know my limits and I stick to them, especially with a history of alcoholism in the family. I have to have my night time meds to sleep, so I just deal with the fuzziness in the morning. I'm glad you're seeking help on this. It can get away on you so quickly and easily

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11/18/14 8:26 P

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Drinking really hasn't been a problem with me. I have one or two and that's it. I only drink socially, so not having much of a personal life helps. but I have been known to take a shot when I can't sleep, even though that's dangerous.

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11/18/14 3:37 P

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Cherie - I am so glad you are on the road to recovery! It is so hard when our moods are out of control. I am glad you went and saw a professional. Getting off nighttime meds is indeed hard but when you do you notice so many good things about the mornings..... like no dragging and no cloudy thinking. I hope that you get on a good medication "cocktail" that helps your moods level out!

I used to drink sporadically before I got my meds straight. I did it when I was manic and I now know I was self medicating. I haven't done it in 20 years because the mix of meds I am on causes an "anabuse-like effect" meaning vomiting, cramps and a 3 day hangover from half a drink!

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11/18/14 2:40 P

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I began drinking more and more, sneaking. taking taking klonipin, Effexor,lithium lactimal, focalin and wellbutrin. When I went to the psych, She said one is counter acting the other. She even said we need to detox you. Ive cut my meds way down, not drinking . After thankgiving is gonna be cold turkey with drinking I hope. Trying to get the right mind set. My husband said he was gonna leave me. I just cried, sobbed. Finally we started talking. I explained it to him, little by little. We love each other so much, but I don,t want to be a drunk. Don't remember things I said or did, by nighttime. He was so disgusted. I also was taking ambien and trazadone 1/2. I,m scared to be without the night time ones. But I do have more energy now. I was drinking about 5,000 calories a week! Hope to lose now. Thx everyone. Had to spit it out.

I,m Cherie, Been with sparker for 3 yrs, I like that I'm losing it slowly! Its a lifestyle!

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