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2/23/09 9:42 A

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To me will power come from with in ?
Not sure what anyone else thinks but you have to want to lose weight but healthly eating should come naterally or does it?

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10/31/08 8:57 A

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Ok you mentioned IBS and I and my adult daughter and son had constant issues with this. We decided to go vegetarian and really watch what we ate. We have all been free of IBS since. We rarely eat out and are in complete control of what we put in our bodies. I don't know if this is a fluke or not; but it stopped the issues we had with IBS.
As for willpower; you need a support system. So you have a close friend you can call or visit? If you can go to the computer and spend your time there, drinking water when you feel tempted, and visit us here at the board. research topics that are interesting.Try meditation and yoga exercises. Take up swimming, running, put on a tv show you like and tell yourself that you are going to do running in place the whole show; or some other exercise. Take a break while a commercial is on. Challenge yourself. While on the computer I practice leg lifts. I reward myself with praise, a special form of pampering myself, or a trip to the beauty shop. I tell myself that I am the most important person in the world to me. (lol remember Sesame Street). When all else fails, take a long shower, put on your favorite lotion and a comfy robe and take a book and go cuddle in bed. You are in control of your self. You can do it.

8/28/08 7:25 P

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Hi all,
I am new to the team but appreciate all the feedback that I have read on the other topics. For over 2 years I have been suffering from IBS (diagnosed by my doctor with no treatment plan to speak of - except she did test me and told me that I was not allergic to wheat or dairy), and about 3 months ago, they discovered I had a large, benign liver cyst (5.5 inches). I was hoping that once the cyst was drained, all my troubles would be over.. but not the case. Rather, my IBS got so bad that it was crippling and I started to alternative treatments. I also started not eating wheat, dairy or sugar. My acupuncturist (also an RN) put me on a cleanse and it helped a lot. We determined that my enemies are wheat and dairy and I avoided them like the plague for about 2 months... and then I began working again and eating out... and the foods have been sneaking in.. little by little, then more and more.. I have little willpower am finding it almost impossible to say no to my former favorite foods, and my stomach/intestines are a mess again. I know what the right thing to do is, and I know how good I felt (even lost a bit of weight) when I was eating the right way for my body, so I just can't figure out why I just keep making the wrong choices...

I know that this is very different from some of you who have life-threatening allergies, but any suggestions, hints, etc. would be appreciated.

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