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12/15/13 11:08 A

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Elaine, This is going to be tough to explain in a post. Too long to go on and on, but perhaps misunderstood because we aren't face to face. So bear with me and I will try to be as clear and simple as possible.
First of all, I've learned that some things you can not post because you are going to get the "holier than thous" posting. They will make you feel worse not better.
OK, next, we've all had bad experiences in our pasts. I have more than I care to remember. You do have to learn to let it go, it's over and done with, and there is nothing that can be changed so to dwell on it only hurts you. No point to that. And again, remember, everyone has had injustices done to them. I'd happily trade you one of mine for yours. I literally lost everything. And yes, I was very bitter, hurt, and let me tell you, absolutely terrified of what was going to happen to me being nearly 50 yrs. old at the time and no job training, etc. My ex literally exploded my world. I could certainly dwell on it yet, and when I think about it I can feel the stress, the anger, the fear all over again. But you know what- I've made a new life, I've learned how many very dear friends I had, thus how very blessed I was, I've been able to see the "silver lining" in the disaster. I've met a man who thinks like I do and we've made a "new world" together. He also had very bad things in his past with his former wife who ended it all by committing suicide. Hers is a very sad story as well.
When you change your perspective, when you realize the only one you are hurting by dwelling on the past is you, and when you move on and let it go, it is so freeing. Let it go, sweetie, I'm not sure what you expected people to respond with, but that is a lesson learned too, never "expect" as you'll nearly always be disappointed.
Hugs, Carol

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12/15/13 2:02 A

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This is a discussion I have going in the SP Cafe. What do you think? Am I being unreasonable? How would you feel, if you had just one racket and someone kept borrowing it? How would you feel if she doesn't borrow from others, just from you? How would you feel if she just wants to make use of your racket to play with someone else (the guy in question)? but not with you?

Now, I am no pushover, sometimes I do refuse but she will keep asking and whining anyway. How would you feel if you know that this kid is not from a poor family and even has an allowance bigger than your own?

I know this happened a long time ago but it still stings till today bcoz of the injustice of it all! I only posted this both on the cafe and here because I wanted to get it out of my system once and for all and let it go, but first, I need to vent..........

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