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We have had only 2 dogs the we got from breeders that we had to name. One was Peppy because she had so much energy. The other was Angel because she was white until she got a little older when she developed some red spots. (She is my profile picture. Her actual registered name was Angelina, honoring her heritage and her demeanor. All the other dogs we have had are rescues and we kept the names they knew. Tried to change one from Eve to Misty but she wouldn't listen to another name so we continued the habit. Our current rescues are Daisy Dandy Lion (registered) called Daisy and Keeleigh (kE-lee). Good question!!


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8/3/13 4:18 P

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It has depended on where I was in life. I have had many pets throughout the years. However, I will give a couple of examples. I have a kitty I named Cloud. She is mostly white with some gray and she loves being in places above my head. In my old house she would get on top of the refrigerator, and now in this house, she gets on the upper level of the bunk bed where I store linens. Cielito, my Chihuahua, when I first got him appeared to be gray with some reddish spots. His full name is Cielito con Nubes Rojas, which means Little Heaven (or Sky) with red clouds in Spanish. What is funny is that a chore worker I used to have couldn't say Cielito so she just called him Silly, which he can certainly be at times.


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We have only had two pets. The first a cat, was named after the French writer Balzac and he grew to fit his name.

And, then our most recent and beloved pet was named by the kids. He got his name Ricky, because it was Ricky that found him and saved him from the pound and convinced us we needed him in the family.

We have been going through names that we like and historical names we like. Great question and something fun to think about.

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I've had so many that there were various reasons. I've never named them after anything/body tho. Always a name just for them, mostly "pet" names, rather than people. Sampson (Sammie) was the exception pretty much. I like unusual names mainly, but I also try to name them something that fits them. I had a puppy I was trying to name years ago and my mom and I were driving and she said "she's so whimsical". "THAT'S IT", I said... and I named her Whimsey. The other puppy I had gotten about that time I couldn't figure out what name I liked and finally settled on Kiwi, which really wasn't "right". She loved to be held in your arms like a baby, on her back! Unusual for a dog. One day I was holding her like that and my husband came home and said that dog is such a couch potato. Thankfully this was right after we'd named her the other name. That was that- It soooo fit her. So she became Tator. :)

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Do you name them after someone or something?

Does the name just pop into your mind?

I named Vincent after the good robot in the movie "The dark hole". I don't know if any of you have heard of that movie. My Dad took me to the cinema to watch it when I was 8. A few months later, my parents got Vincent in a basket for me as a surprise!

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