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7/3/13 5:04 P

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It shouldn't show up. Your body will produce insulin needed to deal with whatever you've eaten. And keep in mind that a blood glucose meter isn't 100% accurate.

If you did get a large jump, I'd head over to the doctor and see if you actually are diabetic.

I can tell you about Dreamfield's from personal experience as a diabetic (just remember, we're all different.)

1) it has to be cooked al dente. Cook it more and it will have more digestible carbs.
2) acidic sauces increase the available carbs - spaghetti sauce = no, Alfredo sauce = yes.
3) leftover - not eaten right away, same thing.

When I eat it (once in a while), I cook it al dente, eat only one serving and have it with butter and garlic salt. My meter, after about 2 hours does show a small rise, but nothing like regular pasta.

If you want to figure out how it might impact you - keto strips might work for you.

Make sure you are already in ketosis (a little purple) if I remember. Wait for two hours after eating at least, test for baseline. Then eat one serving, al dente, plain - and take a second reading two hours past that. If you are still in ketosis, then you should be ok.

7/1/13 4:55 P

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I am not sure how testing you blood would be, try it to see what you find out and let us know.

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6/21/13 2:09 P

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Has anyone considered doing this?

I am on a low-carb diet and I'm not diabetic... but I'm curious if testing my blood sugar like a diabetic an hour or so after a meal would help me see how certain meals affect my blood sugar.

I've been seeing the new Dreamfields low-carb pasta and I've even tried it...tastes so good but is it REALLY low-carb? I did research but can't find any independent studies on it... So I wondered if I could conduct my testing my blood sugar myself.

If I eat a control meal that I know has X number of carbs (equal to what dreams claims to have) and test my sugar after.... and then have a dreamfields meal, with the same number of carbs..and test after... I should be able to get an idea if the dreamfields boosts my blood sugar higher than it should....

I dunno...what do y'all think?

I was considering doing testing after every large meal and tracking carbs so I can get an idea of numbers in general...

thoughts? comments?

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