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3/27/14 4:42 P

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I shop at SuperTarget. I don't use coupons but I have a RedCard that gives me 5% off my purchase.

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3/27/14 1:52 P

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Shopping is stressful for me so I do as little as possible. :)

Usually I shop for food at the local Stop & Shop monthly and supplement weekly needs by visits to a neighborhood grocery store. If my work hours allow, I like to shop for veggies & fruits at farmers' markets throughout the state when they operate. If I am doing a major grocery shopping, I use Peapod delivery service. Though I enjoy the extra steps walking through the supermarket, I choose much healthier foods online. There's no temptation to buy things I shouldn't be eating.

Because I have a limited income, working for a non-profit, I tried to cut costs as much as possible. I, too, cut coupons and try to use them when items are on sale. I always make a list since it keeps me from overspending and rarely buy anything that is not on the list, unless it is on sale & I don't want to miss the opportunity.

I do live on a budget for all my expenses.


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3/27/14 11:16 A

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I live in a small town, and we don't have any traditional grocery stores here any more. For food shopping, we have Meijer, Walmart, and a few months ago, we just got an Aldi.

I don't like to shop in our Walmart for groceries because the aisles are really small and close together in that section of the store, and it makes me feel claustrophobic. I do most of my shopping at Meijer, once per week. The best thing about Meijer is that their produce is very nice; great quality and variety.

I do use coupons, not as much for the food, but I use a lot coupons for things such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and health and beauty items. I use the store sale flyer every week when I make my shopping list. I stick faithfully to my list and I rarely buy on impulse. I have to watch my spending because I am on a fixed income since I cannot work. Also, when I do use coupons, I usually wait and use them when there is a sale on the items I want, to maximize my savings. I don't like to pay full price for household supplies or health and beauty items if I can help it.

I cut out and sort my coupons in the evenings while I watch TV.

I buy things such as chicken breasts when the family packs are on sale; I divide them up into 1 or 2 portion sizes and freeze them. Doing it this way, I always have meat and chicken on hand and I never have to pay full price for it.

About once per month, I like to go to Aldi. I really like their brand of the Laughing Cow Swiss Cheese spreadable wedges, it's less than half price of the brand name, and no difference in flavor. They have other things I like too, but they don't sell everything that I need so that is why I do not shop there weekly.

During the spring, summer, and early fall, we have a farmers market in the city hall parking lot twice per week, but I don't get there as often as I like. I am not able to drive because of my health issues, so that makes it hard for me to get to more than one place to shop every week.

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3/27/14 10:41 A

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I used to do a lot of my shopping at the super stores, but have cut it back drastically in recent years. I've practically eliminated packaged processed food and prefer my produce fresh, so either grow it myself or try to buy from local sources. I've been part of the 'buy local' movement for several decades and if at all possible will support businesses that not only sell but also create their products in my community, state, country - as 'local' as I can get. I do shop on-line at Amazon but do so through the Amazon Smile program where ,05% of my purchase amount is donated to a local non-profit.

Like everyone these days, I am on a budget. Most of my clothing is purchased at consignment stores (I'm fortunate my area abounds with shops that give me the ability to purchase a patrician wardrobe at decidedly proletarian prices), and though I go out for a specific list, will purchase things I will use at a later date if the price now is good.


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3/27/14 9:37 A

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What Super-type stores do you shop at, Target, Walmart, Meijer, other? How often do you go to these places, weekly, monthly? How do you keep costs down? Do you use coupons, make a list?, do you buy only what you need or are you an impulse shopper and pick up things you see as you shop around? Are you on a budget?

Share your answer's with the team!

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