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8/22/12 7:43 P

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After any ride, I take a 30-minute nap with feet raised. It does wonders. In spite of 67 glorious years, my body has pretty much adapted to long rides at high intensity. Once in a while, when the old bod communicates it, I'll take a real easy ride.

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8/22/12 4:06 P

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Your rate of recovery is one aspect of fitness. As you become fitter you will also be able to recover from hard efforts more quickly.
My track & field coach in high school always worked us so hard on the first day that we could barely stand after he was done with us and we were so sore that we hobbled around like geezers for a week. I doubt that this was a good strategy (though since we were an all-state team he must have been doing something right). Not only were we out of shape running, lifting, jumping, and throwing but we were out of shape for recovering as well.
You should certainly listen to your body but I've always been a fan of "active recovery." This is an easy workout after hard efforts. After a race or after a few days of hard training I'd do an easy 20 mile ride. The theory is that getting the blood flowing helps flush out lactic acid and get more nutrients to tired muscles for recovery. I don't know why it worked but I sure felt better afterword.

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8/22/12 12:23 P

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I think recovery is based on Intensity, Duration and Frequency. For @ 58 years old and some surgeries, the tough recoveries are from a very high intensity, group ride 28 to 40 miles at a 25 to 27+ average. Often my HR is in the 90+% the entire time. Full soreness sets in at about 48 to 72 hours.

Moderate recovery for a 20 mile time trial on my course, hill intervals, or an effort going anaerobic for 30 seconds from time to time.

My recovery rides or bike walks, 30 to 60 min with a heart rate of 60%.

Stretching does help. I like to bike walk or go easy instead of layoff.

As I age I can only do an effort like that 1 or 2 days per week at best. If I donít rest I will get dropped, not recover and end up really hurting. To do an effort like that I need at least 1000 easy miles and 500 at varied training and intensity levels.

I donít ride the 100+ any more. I can do 60 or 70 at a good clip but not often.

Recovery, try L-Glutamine. I used it during weight loss and after hard workouts and it seems to help muscle soreness. I have no data but you might want to check www.willbrink or the Brink Zone for the honest truth on supplements.

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8/22/12 10:03 A

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Usually after a long ride I will do yoga the next day to recover. I find one day off is usually enough but my longest ride is only 45 miles so far.


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8/22/12 8:58 A

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I think it is a very individual / idiosyncratic thing. It varies for me, even given the same amount of riding sometimes I'm wiped and need a laid back day afterward, sometimes not. This is where paying attention to our bodies pays off.


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8/22/12 8:53 A

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For me it is a feel sort of thing. I rarely do long rides (for me that is over 65 miles) 2 days in a row unless it is necessary for an organized ride. In addition, I fine it helpful to take a short walk (1-3 miles) after a long ride.


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8/21/12 11:10 P

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just curious but is there any sort of suggested recovery time after a long ride such as in running you take XX days recovery for XX miles run.. just wondering what others do and if any have suggestions or is this mainly a go by feel sort of thing...


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