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5/15/11 5:41 P

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I personally wouldn't cut the handlebars for a couple of reasons. You mentioned its your first adult bike and you just took it out for a test ride. Being your first bike in sometime any bike will feel foreign to you and to be honest you can't get a feel for the bike until you have spent time with it. I would suggest riding the bike without modifications to the handlebar. After time if you still feel they are to wide, then cut them down. Remember you can always trim them down, but you can't add to them. Also, as for handling. Wider handlebars at slower speeds will slow down the handling, narrower handlebars at slow speeds will make it more twitchy.

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5/8/11 12:31 A

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Cutting the handlebars may fix the steering problem. I just bought a new bike in December and they fit me with handlebars just a bit wider than I am used to. One I got off the shop's trainer and onto the road I felt a bit out of control. I asked them to put narrower handlebars on and it did do the trick. That being said if they want you to buy the bike before they cut the bars, ask them to put on handlebars that are more narrow and let you try the bike first. This way you will know what works for YOU.

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5/7/11 11:09 P

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It's a nice XC rig. +1 on what MOLLYKITTY wrote. If you do get the bug to ride some singletrack, I think you'll be well served by the Giant.

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5/7/11 7:57 P

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My only words of advice are to watch out in the bike shops. Coming from a woman who has bought a few bikes in the past, make sure they sell you what YOU WANT, not what they WANT TO SELL YOU! They might not even have what would be the perfect bike for you, but they want to make a sale.

Shop around, try lots of bikes. You wouldn't buy the first car or house you see. This is a big purchase and once it's done, it's done.

I'm just saying....

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5/7/11 2:31 P

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I think the XTC2 is a great bike to choose if you're just getting into biking. It's good enough to get into cross-country mountain biking (so fun!) and you'll be able to explore cycling without being limited to one surface... which is good, because a lot of recreational trails have dirt or loose gravel sections that aren't much fun on skinny tires. Even if you do get into road cycling, at that point you'd probably want to upgrade to a road bike that is a bit more expensive than the deal you're getting for the Giant.

That being said... the best bike for you is the one that feels right. If they cut down the handle bar and it's still not right, it's not the right bike - regardless of what a good deal it is. Sometimes the numbers can line up but the geometry can still be wrong for your body, and if the fit isn't right, you'll be fighting to get your body and the bike to work together. There's a lot of measurements you can take to ensure a proper bike fit for ergonomic pedaling, but I think feel is quite important too. Make sure you feel comfortable and stable enough to get up out of your saddle while you're riding, so you can shift your weight around as needed.

And let us know how it goes! Happy riding! :)

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5/7/11 8:09 A

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I echo Don's comments. It all depends on what type of cycling you will be doing. I do 100% road cycling so, I wouldn't dream of a mountain bike (too uncomfortable). Your case may be different. Good luck and enjoy.

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5/7/11 7:29 A

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Congratulation on the new bike purchase. I am also in the market for a new bike. I ride in a group and because of my bike I work a lot harder then everyone else.

Loved your post. Happy riding.

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5/7/11 12:54 A

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I bought a new bike last year and starting riding after at least 20 years of not riding. The one I bought is a "comfort" bike, and it was perfect for me then. Smooth ride, good for trails, upright riding posture for my tricky back.

By the end of summer, I had ridden enough that I was wanting something more. My bike was heavy and inefficient. When I first started riding, I'd drive to the trail with the bike on the rack or ride downhill into town but put the bike on the bus to get home up the hill. I finally started riding up the hill, but it was really, really hard. I looked for routes that didn't have hills and when I went riding with friends lagged way behind.

By the end of the season, I wanted a new bike. I test rode some and got a vision of what was out there. I started talking to my bike shop guy. We talked all winter. I took spin classes to keep strong during snow season.

Today, I bought a new bike. It's lighter, faster, sleeker, and, in the words of my bike shop dude, at least 40% more awesome. He took my old one in trade, so this one, a KHS Vitamin C Fitness Bike, was a pretty good deal.

I rode up the big hill without going into my lowest gear! I averaged over 11 mph where I'd only ever gotten around 10mph on the old one, no matter how hard I pushed.

I'm happy!

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5/6/11 11:29 P

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Giant does make great bikes, and I think you will be happy with it on trails.


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5/6/11 9:55 P

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Giant makes great bikes...bought one for my son a few years back when he lived in MI. If you plan on mountain biking or shorter distance cycling I think you will probably be happy with this bike.

My only concern with is whether or not you have any hunch whether or not you'll gravitate to road cycling. If so you may find yourself "outgrowing" this bike and looking for something that will "go the distance."

Much of what determines the "right bike" for a person hinges on what goals or aspirations you have for cycling. Match your bike to that and you'll be a happy camper!


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5/6/11 8:55 P

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So, it looks like I'm going to purchase my first "adult" bike! I went to the bicycle store today, and this is the bike that I may be getting:
Since it's one left over from last year, if I choose to buy it, I will get an AWESOME deal on it! I also will be able to wait six months to pay interest free.
I am looking for a bike to ride on trails and in town. While this is a mountain bike, they said it should be good for both.

The only problem I had when I rode it is that the handlebars seemed to wide and it steered differently than I thought it would. They said that they would cut the handlebars to an appropriate length for me upon my purchasing.

What does anyone think about this bike? Every review I have read on it has been good! My only concern is the steering issues like I had, and I hope that it would be resolved with a smaller handlebar width.

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