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5/10/10 6:25 A

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Amen to that!

Great post.

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5/9/10 10:39 P

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My bike is my sister's 10-12 year one she had in college. It worked okay, and as I couldnt afford a new bike it filled the gap. emoticon

Now, 4 1/2 months only 4 1/2 months, amazing. I have new gears, new brakes, new seat, the chain the bike shop said is good for about 500 miles. I have put 60+ on it allready so its coming up fast for replacement.

I wear my old fat pants and tie die t-shirts to ride. I have a helemet and gloves from walmart. I 'splurged' for a 9.95 speedometer from walmart and cringed at the cost.
I soooo don't understand half the bike talk I hear/read about this and that but I enjoy trying to figure out the lingo.

I ride for exercise and I ride for fun. No races, no fancy anything, but I get out and do it.
My neighbors have mentions that I have inspired them(they problably thought I was nuts!) when in January I was riding by in the freezing cold in a jacket, gloves, scarf and a light rain day after day. Not far-- oh no, I coudlnt go far or very long. I remember riding in circles in parking lot as I was to afraid and unsteady for the sidewalk.

But thats then, this is now. Boy how time flies when you have wings under your feet you know.

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5/9/10 7:58 A

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I loved your post. it's awesome to hear from riders who are not hardcore speed demons. You and I have a lot in common. :-)


"Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which greatly trumps Did Not Start."

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5/6/10 11:02 P

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emoticon I have padded short; more for sweating. So, I don't know exactly if they'd work for riding. So, don't feel bad @ all. My bike cost me $40.00 @ Target; but that was a couple yrs. back.

Every time I rely on Jesus He never lets me down.
Faith + grace = salvation

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5/4/10 8:39 P

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Go - go - go
Ride ride ride

Very glad to hear that some folks are "making do" with what they have or can afford.
I started the same way. Been biking for quite awhile and now have some very nice bikes. I read posts from many that spend a fortune (It's OK if you can afford it) on a great professional bike when they are just starting out. You don't have to.

MANY thanks to ZOEMCMAC for the inspirational post. I've always ridden alone so never had to take any ribbing from anyone.

I suggest that you be smart when it gets to be time to upgrade. Determine what kind of riding you do and will be doing. With that vision in mind, upgrade to that purpose, don't waste time and money on anything that doesn't fit the goal. Example - Don't spend a lot of money upgrading an old mountain bike if you are going to ride strictly on the road or participate in triathlons.

Never give up.

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5/4/10 12:21 P

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Weeelll when you go to my spark page pictures, you can't really see the bike my roomie found at his work 7 years ago, and left with us when he moved back to Texas. I get endless comments on it. I am happy with my padded seat cover, but gave bike shorts a try when I stumbled across them on sale at Norstrom's rack. (They had a breaking in period. bleh) I preferred my sweat wicking capris (Marshalls) for a long time.

okay so in one picture you can see my BIG BALLOON TIRES. Endless comments about them, I eventually replaced them (last week) and the bike shop guys warned me I was trading speed for comfort in potholes. So True!

Still getting comments about the monster 44lb bike (It may just be 40 and the lock is #4!) but now that the tires are the conversation piece, I got encouragement to get toe clips this weekend. (Yeah $100 just for the shoes, then you have to get clips and peddles.... and they all warn it takes serious practice and you need to expect to fall over once.)

oh, and in the pictures, those jerseys are marketing give-aways from the company they promote. Otherwise I wear my husband's ones that are too small.

This weekend I thought about making a jersey that says "my bike burns more calories than yours!" for all the hassle I catch.

I rode that bike about 80 miles this weekend.

now, I do need to caution you on one little thing. I was in the middle of my Thursday training ride (35 miles) and pi-TiswinK! something metallic went flying. Stop... go back... and in the rear cassette my 2nd highest (small=faster) gear had snapped in half. (The bike shop reported more were getting ready to go.) Yes, I was able to complete the ride, but yeah, you might want to set aside a $1 for every mile you ride. It was $40 for the part, plus labor. Yes, I am putting a lot of miles on my heavy beater bike, but I replaced my front crank system in the fall, so now that I have an entire new power train I should be good to go, right?
hmm yeah, I need to consider a new bike fund, and face that reality.

Anyhow, if I can ride my bike 66 miles in a windstorm, or 76/80 miles in Napa... yeah, folks - don't let your bike be your excuse!

past accomplishments:
- cycled 101 miles! (11/2010)
-completed "Couch to 5k" training program 5/4/2010
- 5/8/2010: Willow Glen 5k/ (3 miles): 34:13! Average pace was 11:20!!!
- 5/2/2010: Na

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5/4/10 11:46 A

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Way to go!!! Sounds like a fun plan. When it does become time to replace those knobbies - get smooth rather than knobbies. Price is about the same, but the ride is much smoother and easier.

Drew Hunter
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Join us for the ride of your life! ...( )/ ( )

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5/4/10 10:21 A

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I have been a "potential cyclist" for a couple summers now and until this past weekend, I had put a mile and a half on the bike. I am not making the same mistake this summer. I am going to log some miles, enjoy the great outdoors a little and keep myself in shape at the same time. I am also going to try to push my wife to get a bike as well.

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5/4/10 9:29 A

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Great attitude to have just the fact you are out there enjoying yourself! emoticon Glad you had a helmet.
Pedal safe and ride strong. emoticon
It's all about having fun! Enjoy your rides! emoticon

Living life one mile and adventure at a time! Life is way to short be be living it on the sidelines. Set a goal and go for it!

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5/4/10 9:28 A

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Fun and health is what it is all about. As long as you are enjoying yourself, nothing else matters. I would suggest you get some bike shorts. They will go a long way for the fun part.


One Day at a Time:
1) walk/ride 30 minutes
2) organize something in my home
3) fruit or veggie with each meal
4) sew 1 bobbin full
5) make someone smile

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5/4/10 9:07 A

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What a great attitude! This proves that you don't need a fancy bike or tech clothes to enjoy cycling. Yes you might not have been the most comfortable person on the path, but I bet you were the happiest!


"God gave you your body as a gift, so you should take care of it." - My Mom
5/4/10 9:07 A

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You sound like me I have a Craigs list bike but do have gloves, helmet, light and biking short for safety. But love riding:)

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

Keep running!!
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5/4/10 9:00 A

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I have a $130 bike from Target. It has knobby tires with a frame and shocks that would probably cringe at a big pot hole. It has regular old pedals and I wear regular old running shoes. I do not have padded shorts or a riding jersey, but rather just a pair of plain old gym shorts and a bright red t-shirt. About the only thing that would let anyone know I was going riding is the bright yellow helmet.

I don't have any fancy equipment, but this past weekend I rode 12 miles down a shaded pathway that ran along a beautiful river. I may not have been the most comfortable person on the path, but I was there, on that path and I loved every minute of it.

Just get out there and enjoy yourself with whatever it is that you have. It is worth it!!

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