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3/29/10 9:21 P

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I ride a very flat straight bike trail, 40 to 54 mile rides at about 18.6 to 19.0 mph. Using the heart rate monitor I average about 135 to 140 bpm. My burn rate typically is about 400 calories per 10 miles.
I find rather it's the bike or the stairmachine at the gym that my best calorie burn is in the 140 beat per hour range is about 800 calories per hour.

I can run higher speed or calories burn rate for sprints but not for long.

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3/22/10 8:02 A

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I think I may have to disagree with you on what he is trying to do which is lose weight. For a cardio work out you are right in what you said

However, in a work out where you want to lose weight and burn off stored up fat; then you need to go at a slower pace for longer periods of time. The best indicator is to keep the heart rate (HR) beats per minute (BPMs) at 60-70% of your maximun heart rate. The BPM will differ on everyone and the more your fit this will differ as well. Once you know what the HR is then you are tryining to stay at this level. Once the glycohen storage is used up in your muscles the body will start going to the stored up fat reserves and begin the process of using that as energy. Thus losing fat weight and not muscle weight.

Remember to load up on carbs after a good ride to replenish your glycogen storage back to your muscles. Also, keep an eye on your protein to rebuild your muscles. Make sure you are reducing your fat intake and be sure to eat around 4-6 mini meals throughout the day.


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3/20/10 11:12 A

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When conditions are flat and calm I think I usually stay around 15-16 mph. I still consider myself a beginner cyclist, mostly because I simply don't ride enough. It's not the years, it's the lack of miles!


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3/20/10 10:03 A

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Thanks for the input...that was what I was looking for. It makes sense. one more quick question are you generally at a speed of less than 14mph or above 14mph? when conditions are flat road and calm.



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3/20/10 8:47 A

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Brian -

Your best cardio workout is going to come from faster spinning, which means you're in lower gears on the bike. Higher gears require more power to push, so that would require burning more calories.

However, there's more to it than just getting in one gear and spinning for cardio. When you're outside you will run into things like headwinds, tailwinds, sidewinds, uphills, downhills, etc. You need to be able to know which gear to shift into in order to best address your current situation.

For example the other day we were riding bridges (no hills here in Florida) and there was a steady wind coming out of the west. I dropped my gears a couple of times for easier pedaling on the way up, but just before I hit the crest, the wind hit me full on. I had to get into higher (harder to push) gears immediately, especially for the downhill. The fact that I was riding fast downhill plus the headwind that kept trying to push me around required more control over the bike. The higher gears gave me that control. That and sitting back on my seat while feathering the brakes helped, too!

So the basic answer to your question is that you get more of a cardio workout in lower gears, but you need all of your gears in real world on the road ride. With regard to your question as to how far people ride to get the best cardio workout? I think that depends on the person. A fitter person obviously will go farther to get the same carido benefits as a not so fit person.


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3/19/10 7:15 P

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Maybe you are talking about cadence? I just started to use that a little over the Winter on my bike on the trainer.. That gave me a stronger workout.

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3/19/10 5:00 P

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I'm a tad confused... Pace and speed are one and the same. 6mph is the same as 10 minute miles...

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3/19/10 4:54 P

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I have just embarked on my outdoor Cycling after spending the winter taking 3-4 spin classes a week. I started in August 2009 on a mission to lose weight and get fit. I am now running 3-4 miles 3 times a week and want to cycle the other 2-3 days. At What speed in MPH do must people ride and for how many miles to get the best cardio workout.


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