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9/14/09 12:22 P

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I agree with the others. Go clipless. If you're scared of using clipless initially on the road, you can practise clipping and unclipping on the spin bikes over the winter.

I definitely think the "dangers" of clipless pedals are overblown. It's not difficult once you get the hang of it. You'll have the embarrassing first clipless fall but after that and a bit more practise you'll figure it out. I still have my pedals set at a pretty low tension for ease of release, particularly during cyclocross season but (touch wood) I've never botched a release for ages now.

Your best bet for shoes are the MTB style with the recessed cleat. Good for walking around in off the bike which is great for commuting. Another advantage of these style cleats is that spin bikes generally come with the matching pedals too.

EDITED to add: The last time I messed up a release was because my cleats were worn and I was trying to make it to the end of the season before changing them. Not a good idea.

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9/13/09 11:48 A

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I have 3 pairs of shoes, one mountain bike, and sandles with SPD clip, one mountain bike pair with no clips. I guess I have unusual feet and find that men's shoes fit better than women's for some reason. Also, I have found when I use flat pedals instead of the SPD clips, the bike shoes don't stay on the pedal as well as a good pair of walking shoes. I agree with trying the clipless and seeing how you like them. There are commuter pedals that are SPD on one side and flat on the other, you may like them.


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9/13/09 11:41 A

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Actually I love the clip in style but have a pair that I keep fairly loose so it doesn't take much to get out of them. You may want to reconsider. There are many styles. My husband keeps trying to get me to upgrade the ones I have (which are basically a big triangle) but I love the ease of getting in and out.

9/12/09 9:17 P

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Try on the shoes at your LBS, to find out what fits best. I have a pair of Diadora mtn. bike, I got for $65 on sale. If I had to get them again, I would go a size larger. Once I start riding alot, my feet swell, and that leads to sore feet. Keen sandels are worn by a several friends, who love them. They are great for keeping feet cool, and you don't have to put in the clips. I've fallen over a few times, not unclipping fast enough. Only thing hurt, was my pride. The last pair of pedals-Keo, work the best for me...easy to get in and out of. They are my third pedals in a couple of years. I have road shoes for my road bike: sidi (they also make a good mtn. bike shoe). is a good place to order shoes/pedals. I hope this was somewhat helpful.


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9/12/09 8:56 P

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Hi, I know this has probably been discussed before , but i need info on saving up for cycling shoes for next Spring..
I just started biking this year and have put in more miles then expected. I now want to start next Spring off with cycling shoes..
I don't want the clip in style as i have read the cons on how dangerous they can be while biking through traffic and coming to a sudden stop.
I need something comfortable yet easy enough to walk in when I get off my bike .
My budget at this point should be between 80.00 and 100.00 dollars.
I also do a lot of spinning throughout the winter months so maybe there is something that I can use there and biking next Spring.
Any thoughts on what i should be looking to buy and where i should buy these at? I know LBS is always a great place to start but other options are welcomed.
thank You

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