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6/2/09 11:52 A

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I also took the basic bike class at REI and it was great. They also have a lot of advice and videos on the website.

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6/2/09 11:31 A

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I'm with Scott on this one. You need TWO pumps. A floor pump at home with a tire pressure gauge, and a frame pump for when you're out on the road. If you're going close to 90-100psi then you'd be a lot better off with a frame, rather than a minipump. I have a frame pump on my roadbike and a minipump on my CX bike.

All my pumps are from Topeak ( and I like them a lot. I also carry CO2 but the pump always comes with my just in case I mess up the inflation - it happens, even with lots of practise.

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6/2/09 12:05 A

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I am new to biking. I signed up for free classes at a local shop, REI. One was on basic bike maintenance which covered many things including tire changes and pumps. According to the teacher, underinflated tires is the number one reason for flats.

If you have an REI in your area, check out their free classes. The two I've attended so far was full of information.


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6/1/09 6:15 P

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I think there are 2 basic pump necessities...

1) A quality "floor" pump with a gauge for keeping at home to pump your tires to the correct PSI before every ride (losing 10-20psi per day is not uncommon, and if you don't pump them up before each ride, you will get a flat sooner or later). Some are junky, some are nice... ask your local shop for the best 'bang for the buck' floor pump that has good performance.

2) Pump for riding. If you are new to the sport, you should practice changing a flat tire. The bike shop where you bought your bike should easily be able to walk you through it and watch you do it to give suggestions. For pumps, you can use a large hand pump that fits on your frame... or you can choose to use C02 cartridges. Using CO2 cartridges is faster and can easily be stashed in your back pocket, but requires some experience with them. Again, the bike shop should show you.

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6/1/09 3:03 P

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I would look for one with a gauge that works for both presta and schrader valves just in case.

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6/1/09 11:20 A

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for at home, I would look for one with a wide barrel (allows more air per pump action) and a built in guage.

You should also look into another one that mounts on your bike frame for when you are riding. Learn how to change a tire and fix a flat. Practice at home rather than out on the road or trail when you actually get a flat.

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6/1/09 11:03 A

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Any manual pump is fine and pretty inexpensive. You can get electric pumps, but unless they have an adapter for your car, you can't take them with you.


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6/1/09 10:07 A

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I'm new to road biking and I need to put air in my Trek 1000 so I can start riding.

Can someone help me out and let me know whats a good air pump for my tires? I know I have to be at 90-100 psi..any tips would help me..thanx

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