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2/1/09 1:43 P

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I'm doing kettlebells as well. I discovered them the last week of December and it had an immediate effect on my running speed. I haven't had a chance to see how it works with my bike.

They're easy and fun... you only have to do a few minutes every other day to see results. I'm still a beginner, but I love the workout.

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1/30/09 12:16 P

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I do reformer pilates classes twice per week. Obviously it's great for core, but we also do a lot of leg work (different kinds of squats, jumping, donkey kicks, etc. reclining on the reformer), and some intense upper body. I LOVE pilates. I think it's particularly great for cycling because a lot of the leg work we do is cycling specific, it makes my core way stronger, and the upper body is intense but won't make me put on a lot of extra weight I'll have to carry around come summer.

For specific weight training, I like the "Body Sculpting Bible" series as a guide. Great for ideas and clarification.

It's really great that you're looking into strength training because cycling, while great for you, doesn't do much to strengthen the bones in the hips and lower back, making life-long cyclists at risk for fractures later in life.

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1/30/09 8:33 A

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Winter is here too, with freezing temperatures, snow, ice and all.
I do a full bowflex routine every other day. I did this routine all last winter and was amazed to find I was bike ready when the weather cleared enough for riding. I have three dogs I walk several times a week and go dancing once a week to the music of a Dead cover band. I think the idea of staying active banishes the winter blahs and maintains bike riding readiness. I am a fairly casual cyclist logging about 120 miles a week when the weather is nice.

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1/28/09 8:59 P

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When I can't ride, I do core exercises, leg work and only light weight upper body (mostly due to arthritis in my neck and shoulder). I use the elliptical and stepper a lot, and spin class regularly.


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1/28/09 4:24 P

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Definitely core. Lots of core. Apart from that, I do an all-over, low weight/high rep full- body workout once a week with the triathlon club, and then generally once more when I hit the gym to run. At home I have a pull-up bar so I do a little circuit involving that, the stability and the BOSU ball.

If you want to be cycling specific, now's the time to do on-bike strength stuff. I've taken bits from Joe Friel and Arnie Baker's programs and combined them together for my bike workouts. Right now the emphasis is on single leg (mod gear, low cadence and easy gear high cadence) stuff, and long (30') low cadence grinds in a big gear to build strength. I have two of these per week and then an aerobic roller workout and call it done. I run for X-training.

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1/28/09 2:05 P

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I'm not a hardcore cyclist. I ride about 3x a week and do relatively short rides, always under 25 miles. I may try to do a 40K time trial this year, we'll see.

I do 40 minutes of kettlebell circuits, 3x per week. They focus a lot on core and legs, and I do upper body as well. I have definitely gotten faster since I started doing this, but I haven't researched it, nor am I being systematic about it. I use DVDs to do my kettlebell workouts.

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1/28/09 12:53 P

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I have to ditto cycle queens comments. If you want more specifics .... go to They have some articles that will address what you are asking. You should be concentrating on your legs with and without weights. I have read the articles and critiqued what I wanted to incorporate. I have some exercises that can be done at home with just dumb bells and then there are some I can do when I'm at the gym. As far as upper body they were not too concern with that aspect. They did recommend swimming to increase your lung capacity and in turn help with the upper body.

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1/28/09 12:30 P

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I follow a plan that was written by Edmond Burke. The best advice I can give you is this.

If you do weight training during the off season focus on legs. Do squats,& lunges with and without weights. Also add in step ups to help build muscle endurance in you legs. Once your cycling season starts you shouldn't do a lot of leg work because it can compromise you endurance causing you to fatigue faster.
Core is very important for riding. Do a lot of planks and side planks with a good 15 min ab routine. Upper body is your preference and can be done year round.

I hope this helps.

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1/28/09 12:10 P

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I'm just curious as to what other cyclist to for weight training? With it being so cold out, I'm spending a lot of time at the gym and want to create a weight training plan.(I'm not a weights noobie, just disorganized) I though about some personal trainer sessions, but I want my plan to be fairly cycling specific. (core, upper body, and maybe some squats and lunges).

I'd love to hear what you all are doing!

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