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5/4/08 1:00 A

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I like this thread because it gave me some ideas to concentrate on. I think I could get away with riding 4-6 or even 5-7 if I concentrate certain aspects of riding as suggested. I could do long distance riding for endurance, cadence riding, hill riding, out of saddle riding. I think I may even have courses to do these on and when I get used them and become more efficient with the routes I can always increase my mileage and continue on with the work outs.

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2/13/08 11:35 A

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Riding consecutive days is okay. But I recommend that you have a plan. Some suggestions for different techniques you can focus on during your rides are:
Hill intervals
Intervals on the flats
Steady high cadence
Riding out the saddle for extended times: start with 5 minutes and add a few minutes each time
Pedaling nice and smooth through your entire cycle

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2/13/08 11:31 A

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I think they say that about running because it subjects your body to higher impact whereas cycling is a low-impact sport.

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2/13/08 11:07 A

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During the spring to fall season I ride almost everyday. I balance out commuting, with pleasure riding, and training. This way I don't tire myself out, but if I am tired I can take a shorter less intense ride, or go for a walk.

As long as cycling is a thrill, I'll ride! Practically everyday once this snow melts.

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2/13/08 10:34 A

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When I first started riding, I rode nearly daily, but they were short, easy rides. That worked out great for me. As my health improved and my weight came off, I made the rides more challenging. I never rode too much, never burned myself out, never frustrated myself. I got off the bike wanting more.


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2/13/08 10:21 A

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It's not bad for a beginner to ride on consecutive days. Unlike running, cycling is a low-impact sport so you don't get the stresses on your joints as you would when you run. For a beginner runner, you need time for your joints and tendons to get used to the impacts, normally about 6 months or so. Saying that, I've been running for about 18 months now and can't run more than 3x a week without feeling crappy.

I'd say you're more likely to get more benefit cycling 3-4 days a week right now. Riding more may lead to overtraining and burnout, not a good plan. Quality workouts are always better than quantity, there's too much going on life-wise for any junk workouts! However, I'd X-train on a couple of days (and ST then too).

As a Duathlete, I run 3x and bike 3x a week in winter (with 2x ST). Once the snow goes and I start commuting to work, I'll cycle 6x week but my commute miles will be very easy unless I'm doing a workout on the way home.

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2/12/08 10:50 P

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Starting out, you'll get more benefit from riding 3-4 days per week. As you progress and learn to ride harder on your hard days and easier on your easier days, you may enjoy riding 5-6 days per week. Starting out, though, it's more likely to lead to injury and burnout.

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2/12/08 10:33 P

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Most of the experienced cycling and fitness coaches I've encountered recommend a combination of aerobic exercise days (cycling, running, etc.) alternating with strength exercise days (I use body-weight exercises) with one or two days of rest/recovery per week. Right now I'm hitting the trail on the bike 1-2 days per week depending on the weather and on the exercise bike at least 2 times more. I do body weight exercises and some yoga on the alternate days. usually take Monday off.

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2/12/08 6:59 P

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1) is it bad for a beginner to ride a bike on consecutive days? I have read this is bad with running...not sure if the same applies to my bike.

2) do you think I would get a significant performance benefit from cycling 5-6 days a week instead of 3-4? or is it like diminishing returns

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