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12/1/10 4:45 P

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"My how the time flies!" is the mantra of a disorganized person. Or so they say. I say that the time between thinking about Christmas, or any other celebration, should be right after the date. Then you should have it together by the date. emoticon


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11/30/10 1:11 P

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Oh how to feel peaceful so glad you are feeling that way...Your right so much to do and too little time to do it

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11/30/10 1:03 P

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I think I must be in a pensive/reflective mood today ..and that's fine, because for me, it is a very peaceful way to be.I am a person who among other things, collects quotes and thinking about SparkPeople,and the few "new friends" I have met through these pages, I found myself drawn to a favoured quote:
"Whatever my secrets are: remember, when I
entrust them to you, they are a part of
I don't know : but I suspect,(personal thought)that one of the reasons behind my looked for Seniors Forums, that don't appear very often ,is because many of us have a kind of reluctance to chat through cyber-space. It feels sooo public and most of us come from an era where, as I was taught ... "Home is home; school and work are school and work! The matters you see and hear at home, stay in the home and when you walk through the gate, you close it on
that privacy." So, we have two lives ... our private
home life and our public life. Breaking that cycle is well nigh impossible, except perhaps when we find
a true friend and that can take almost a life-time ..
What brought me to SparkPeople in the first place? Loneliness, I think. In the last eighteen months of Caring for my husband, I found myself more and more isolated....and I knew within myself that this wasn't healthy. I needed to keep some sort of
Social contacts going for myself and so the dreaded
COMPUTOR for which I have a real "Love/Hate" relationship became a sort of friend. When I was
hurting or angry, fearful, etc I began to handwrite a journal.On a practical side "there were times when
I think I became the 'meanest weederer', in the street...hmm:...make that town!
Somehow between the three,I think I managed most of the time to stay 'level' and to retain my sense of humour, which I describe as "quirky" but which a couple of friends have often said , Really is "wicked". One friend told me - "Don't ever lose it,especially where you are able to laugh at yourself."'s the beginning of the "Silly
Season". Suddenly Christmas is upon us, and suddenly
just like last Christmas and the ones eons past ...
'THERE IS JUST SO MUCH TO DO, AND SO LITTLE TIME!!'Whatever happened to last Christmas'es resolution ... "Next year , I'm going to start getting organized in January?"
We're funny creatures we human beings aren't we ? emoticon Take care, and Christmas
blessings. Thankyou for being there! Hilary.

Hilary . Dunedin. South Island . NZ.
Every day when fully lived- is a grand succession of experiences both pleasant and unpleasant - for life is made up of both- and without the one the other would not be recognized or appreciated.

I would much rather have regrets about not doing what people said, than regretting what my heart led me to and wondering what life had been like if I had just been myself.
(Brittany Renee)

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