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3/17/11 2:01 P

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You know, I'm lucky to be getting older. DH and I have always done with our money as we've seen fit, and the older I get the less I really care what other people think. By being frugal, we
have a home that's paid for, two kids we put through college, a car that we paid cash for, we've been able to do some international travel whenever we wanted, and can do pretty much whatever we want.

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3/17/11 9:22 A

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Fly_Girl, it took a long time! I bought my first apartment when I was 27 or 28 and I obtained financing for it. I sold it at the top of the market and rented for a while, sitting on the gain from the sale and saving every penny. When the BF and I were ready to buy, we purchased a foreclosed apartment and got a good deal - were able to knock $20k off of the purchase price because we paid cash.

I am battling him right now because he would like to upgrade and I want to stay put!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill

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3/17/11 8:30 A

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Most of the people in my area or older and on limited income. They tend to live pretty frugal. Some live too cheap - not buying healthy foods. Too me, anyway - that is cheap.

I see differences in some of our kids. Two have to have every new gadget out there.
The others - are a lot more cautious about buying those kind of things.

I re-purpose what I can.

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3/16/11 11:15 P

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congrats MBSHAZZER!! How long did it take you to save?I feel like it's taking quite a while,expecially because I'm doing it on my own nd I won't be able to get anythingwithin a 1-hour radius for under $300 000.00.

I agree with the point below about being very concious about the foods that I buy,but I try to buy on sale in bulk and freeze what I can.

It's funny how the airline was brought up because Iwork in it too, and it feels like everyone (passengers and employees) are on me about not having a designer handbag or gadgets..there's a joke between a few of them that I have the iPhone 5!!! because my cellphone is a minimal plan that is totally unheard of in their eyes. The comments don't bug me when I see their debt in comparison to my savings, but I feellike some peopledon't get living a frugal lifestyle, and just think I'm too cheap to anything new which can be frustrating at times.

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3/16/11 9:19 A

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Frosty, that's a great point... my BF and I paid cash for our home and it was the best investment ever! Not having a mortgage or housing expenses takes a HUGE load off of our minds!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill

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3/15/11 9:50 P

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Confratulations on being a frugal person with a plan. Most young people only think of spend, spend, spend, or if they can get it on credit. I applaude you for having a life plan and I hope you can stick to it and meet your goals. I think everyone should plan for emergencies and have a cushion. I only use credit when I can use it to my advantage-buy something on time with no interest for example. I lost my job at 50 and we hit the road and never looked back, never been rich, but haven't starved either and I think we do quite well all things considered. We own our home, have no credit card debt, a small car loan and that is it so life is good even if most of our friends consider it frugal!

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3/15/11 3:48 P

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I don't know what friends or family think about our lifestyle. We live in the Washington, DC area, so people here tend to go over the top with their "toys" and possessions...and have the debt to prove it. We have an old car that we bought for $1300 and it runs just fine, but it's not top of the line, obviously. I guess renovation people think we're weird because we want to do our own work instead of paying for expensive makeovers for our home.

However, some of our family probably does think I'm a little off because I'm not a convenience food shopper. I care very much about what we put into our bodies and I carefully read labels on any foods I'm thinking about buying. Some family members only buy convenience food instead of cooking from scratch. So I'm not frugal to them in that regard because I won't buy certain packaged foods for my pantry. In my mind, I am being very frugal about our health by being able to read the ingredients and understand them.

I'm Vikki

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3/15/11 12:59 P

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My friends don't know that I'm frugal. For me the difference is spending money on myself rather than other people. People who spend money on themselves but are not willing to give to good causes and help those in need are cheap in my opinion. Also, I'm sometimes more frugal with my time than with my money. It's simply more valuable to me. For instance if I can buy a healthy meal on an already too busy day it may be worth the money.


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3/15/11 12:18 P

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I used to work for an airline and we suffered with pay cuts after 9/11. They had a "saving money" seminar at work and I had already implemented all of their suggestions! (no cable, bring lunch, get rid of the land line, etc). My co-workers referred to me as "Amish" instead of cheap, which I appreciated.

At the end of the day, I don't really care if friends or strangers thing I'm cheap, frugal, strange, whatever! Not being in debt and not worrying about money is worth way more to me than what people think of me!

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill

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3/15/11 8:54 A

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Most of my friends think I am frugal not cheap. The only time I think I have been called cheap is because some one wanted me to buy them something and I wouldn't. I constantly have discussions with my friends about money and ways to save money. If one of us comes up with a money saving idea we let the other person know.

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3/15/11 8:14 A

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I'm an ESL teacher, and I've not only had trouble with students (both foreign and US-born), but also with many adults under 35. Most of them think it's unnatural for me to not have the latest gadgets, especially cell phones.
It also seems that many are well-versed in everything Politically Correct, including environmental issues, but don't care unless it benefits them.
In general, Money Rules, and the situation has not very encouraging.

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I've already had all the bad things thrown at me early in life, so now that those are out of the way, my future should be wonderful.

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3/15/11 7:46 A

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Not me ! My whole family is that way !

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3/15/11 6:09 A

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I think you are fine too. My family teases me and hubby about our frugality, but they notice we don't worry about emergencies, etc. as we always have a cushion to fall back on. In the end, your friends will see that and respect you for it.

~Nancy, whose digital camera is so old it takes a floppy disk:)

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3/15/11 2:13 A

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I think you are just fine. You have a great goal of having your own home and you are working towards that. The other stuff is fluff and noise. People are to caught up in all that and I see us as having a bigger picture!

Most people are very wasteful and I don't want to add the destruction of our planet. I am by no means perfect but I try to be frugal and caring and respectful of things. It's almost a game to see what I can do!!

Watching salt intake also trying not to buy foods that have high fructose corn syrup, sugar, rice syrup, corn syrup, fructose, sucrose etc. in the first three ingredients.

No foods that have more than 3 ingredients that I can not pronounce.

If an item has more than 10 ingredients I put it on the Do Not Buy List as it is too processed.

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3/15/11 12:28 A

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I do all that! You're not alone!
Actually I can't see any point in being unfrugal. Why should we let things go to waste? There is plenty of evidence that overuse of resources is having detrimental effect on the environment in many parts of the world. I'm happy having a small footprint. The financial pluses are a bonus.
Accusations of being 'cheap' usually come from people who are so shallow they need to continually buy Latest Gadget to prop their ego.
Frugal to me means responsible and I'm delighted to be that.

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3/15/11 12:09 A

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For myself, frugality means making the most out of something small. I am having a hard time with my colleages as many of them are avid spenders as I work in an industry of travel where shopping in every country is normal. I try to veer away from duty free boutiques and pack a lunch instead of going to exotic restaurants on lay-overs while at work.

I figure, I work very hard for my money and would prefer to see something out of it. I work as a full time flight attendant, a part-time receptionist at a diamond boutique, am a self employed photographer as well as a free-lance model. My goal is to buy a decent sized house ad have it paid off by the time I'm 27 (I'm 22 right now).

My being frugal includes:
-packing lunches
-saving bottles that have a return on them to bring back
-picking up change (honestly, if i find a quarter.. I'm picking it up!)
-giving myself at-home facials and pedicures
-only buying sale items- or items in different countries where both the quality and the prices are better.
-i hold onto and re-use hotel soaps until they are gone instead of just a one-time only use and dispose. (I hate all of that waste).
-I re-sell items in my appartment that I don't need or want anylonger on kijiji and craigslist


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