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8/20/10 9:35 A

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I do watch TV at least an hour a day. Quite often it is news, Wheel of Fortune, and/or HGTV.

I don't think we would give it up.
We do have a package with our internet provider for TV and our land line phone which has free long distance. Only one of our five kids is in a local calling area.

We rarely rent movies. Occasional movie watchers on TV, but don't have HBO, etc.

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8/17/10 10:18 P

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No-and this is the first I have heard of hulu so have to do some research on this and see about it. I thought our sat bill was bad at $59 but hearing of $200 bills makes ours look cheap and we have free HD

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8/17/10 9:38 A

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We do not have cable or satelite tv. We do have a tv but do not watche much on it. My husband watches his favorite shows on hulu a couple times a month to catch up on his shows all at once.


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8/17/10 7:16 A

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My husband and I sold our TV years ago and have been using dvd rentals and the internet ever since.

The internet was pretty useless for the first couple of year. We actually watched a couple of TV shows in segments on YouTube. I do not recommend this.

However with Hulu we watch a ton of stuff. Comedy central has tons of shows on their site and that is not uncommon. Many cable channels run their TV shows online.

Also, most TV shows are released on DVD after the season wraps. Yes you are behind on everything BUT you get to watch multiple episodes with no commercials and that is awesome.

My mom has her viewing set-up configured so that she can watch movies/tv streaming from her computer on to her TV. I think she uses a Wii but you can use Roku (which allows you to store movies as well, I believe, so that you can watch them again. It may even work with Hulu

Anyway, tons of opportunities to get rid of your cable. I imagine TV will die out and everything will be internet based at some point. I see the same thing happening to the brick and mortar video rental places.

My other internet life:

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8/15/10 7:07 P

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We are seriously on the verge. I was raised in the country with out cable, but my hubby is addicted! We now have netflix and I noticed that he is watching more and more netflix and keeping the dish turned off. Today we spoke about shutting it off all together. He said that he would do it if we could get all his sports stuff online:) That would save us about $130 a month!!

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8/15/10 5:24 P

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4 years ago I decided to upgrade my television to a HD one. Winnings from slot machine at a casino.
I had cable with basic channels, landline from Verison.
Discovered I needed an HD cable hook-up. So I transferred everything to a bundle with my cable company.

This year for what I wanted was $207 a month!! There was a special with premium channels in which I didn't want but, as part of the bundle...$149 tax incl.

I haven't connected my laptop to my TV because I get what is needed through cable.

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8/15/10 12:12 P

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I have cut back my cable to 12 channels and keep that much because I have to bundle internet and cable where I live. This package only allows me local channels (Cleveland) and PBS stations in my area plus WGN out of Chicago.

We use HULU all of the time. Plus, channels like TNT allow you to watch their programs streaming on-line. Sports channels are also available. I watched the entire College Baseball World Series on ESPN 3. (ESPN is not one of the channels I get.)

I do not attach my laptop to my TV because I have an older TV and would have to invest money to make that happen. I am fortunate that I have a newer laptop with an large screen. My hubby and I attach our BOSE wave radio to my computer (great stereo sound) and watch shows like BURN NOTICE, THE CLOSER, and shows we may miss if we are out, on-line all of the time.

There are many shows that you can watch for free online. Since I cut back on my cable I do miss TLC and the Food Network shows that I used to like, but I am missing them less and less. I use the library more for movies and TV series that I would like to see. (I have just reserved season one of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM from the library)

So, you do not have to buy a service to watch TV on-line. If you are considering signing up for a service that you pay for, check out their reviews first. Many are not what they advertise. BE CAREFUL.

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8/15/10 9:36 A

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Nope not yet.

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8/15/10 8:19 A

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I have used HULU a few times. I don't have cable, just an inside antenna that works well with my HD TV.
Cable is a waste of $'s I don't have. We really can live without it.

Have a great Sunday

Nancy a.k.a. Teddybear

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8/15/10 7:46 A

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I'd hardly watched TV in decades since the early 1980s when I worked nights and found I could live without it. In this century, I wound-up watching DVDs of TV shows if I wanted to see something I thought would be interesting.
But someone recommended Hulu a couple of weeks ago, and that's when I found out about The Trend: getting rid of Cable TV and replacing it with a combination of Hulu, Netflix, and network web broadcasts -- this combination covers practically everything except the sports channels.

I'm not a Netflix person -- I would rather buy DVDs of something on because I always wind up watching my DVDs at least twice (usually more), but using Hulu for certain programs does sound interesting.

Has anyone here, or anyone you know, ever done this? Some of the articles made it seem like everyone is dumping cable and hooking-up their computers to their TVs instead -- that may be true, but I don't know of anyone here who is doing it.

One article regarding Hulu instead of Cable can be found here:

But this particular article doesn't include Netflix and the network webcasts.

Their companion article regarding hooking-up your computer to your television set is here:

It has some good photos of the different connecting cables that you'd need to choose from (it's always good to have visuals like that). And YouTube has more specific videos, like connecting a Laptop. You can also Google the topic for more article links.

The only extra expense mentioned would be a wireless mouse to replace the remote control.

I researched other articles and some of them said that there may be drawbacks to hooking up your computer to the TV, but they really didn't go into detail.

-- Kurt -- Frugalists & Simple Living Team (Co-Leader)

I've already had all the bad things thrown at me early in life, so now that those are out of the way, my future should be wonderful.

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